Jayne Sullivan, Clearview Director of the Month

Name/job title:  Jayne Sullivan, Operations DirectorJayne New

When did you join (or start) the company?  January 2015

Describe your working day:  Up at 6am, sort breakfast for the kids, household chores, usually split the school run between Dan or I which involves over 1 hour trip through the Cheshire Countryside, usually get into the office for just before 9am on school run days, or 7.30am if not. Call via Costa for caffeine fix of the day and then crack on with checking emails, informal meetings and then get onto key items on my to list. I generally only work Mondays-Thursday so get to have Friday’s off.

What is your workspace like?  Try to keep it reasonably organised, but depends on how much other people leave on it for me to review!

First thing you do when you get to your desk?  Clear up any outstanding items left over from prior day, check the bank for payments and then emails.

What websites help you?  On a personal level The Body Coach – helps keeps me honest and motivated to stay fit! I regularly check BBC News and /or twitter to quickly keep up to date on whats going on in the world

Most useful business tool?  We Transfer – essential for me to help when doing marketing and image work.

Best business decision in your current role?  To make a conscious decision to invest heavily in IT and Technology, we are still early in our journey but I believe passionately that IT will help us improve all areas of our business and help drive future growth

Favourite role models and why?  My Mum and Dad – sounds cliché but it’s true. My mum is strong, wise, practical, offers sound advice, incredibly stylish, confident and totally selfless. She is the glue that holds the family together. My Dad is different again – driven, energetic, positive, funny, shrewd, good coach and incredibly caring. They are both happily married after over 50 years together and have taught me above all, the importance of give and take in a relationship.

How do you unwind?  On a weekday, there is nothing like a good dose of fractions or algebra homework to switch me out of work mode as I try and support the kids as much as my skills permit! On a more relaxing note, I try to go to the gym a couple of times a week (helped currently by my daughter joining me for moral support), but truthfully I love nothing better than either Friday night in front of the fire or Sunday afternoon lunch out with the family and a couple of glasses of wine …

Paul Wilding Strengthens DOORCO’s Sales Team

Paul Wilding







Last year, Paul Wilding joined DOORCO, the UK’s leading composite door supplier, alongside Mike Roe to support the growth of the business and continue to meet customer expectations. Six months in to his role, Paul tells us what it’s like to work for the UK’s fastest growing, independently owned composite door manufacturer:

“Having worked in the fenestration industry for over 30 years, joining DOORCO has been a refreshing and exciting change.  This is mainly due to working directly for Dan & Jayne Sullivan, who not only own the business, but are hands-on leaders of a fantastic team.

As well as looking for new sales, my role is to service existing customer accounts and the people behind DOORCO make this very easy.  We are able to make decisions fast, without having to run everything by a board of directors, but most importantly, we are trusted to make those decisions and empowered to do our jobs. And this means when faced with a customer, or prospective customer, we discuss the best way to support that account, whether it’s with marketing support, a bespoke product portfolio or some of the best service in the industry.

“Having the right products makes my job easier and with DOORCO the products speak for themselves.  Customers are looking for a composite door with consistent quality and service to back it up – products in stock and delivery when they need it.  This is exactly what DOORCO offers.  We offer the largest range of door styles in the UK and we have unique slabs, such as Monza II and LINKS, in our portfolio.  The three levels of supply are also key because it means we can service any business, large or small, with single, prepped slabs to full containers direct from Korea.

“Looking forward, painted products on a fast turnaround is key – DOORCO supplies painted doors in just five days, with no restriction on colour.  Popularity is growing for more contemporary styling – there will always be the desire for a traditional door, but the unique design of Monza II and LINKS, offers something totally modern to our customers.  Launched as an aluminium alternative, LINKS has opened discussions with both existing customers who supply aluminium, as well as potential new customers. But more than this, people are attracted to the aesthetics of the non-woodgrain finish as something different to put in a PVC-U frame.  Some of the innovations we have planned for this year will boost its popularity even further.

“I really feel I have joined DOORCO at an exciting time.  The business is growing fast, but in a strategically managed way and it’s great to be part of this journey from the early days.  If you’d like to find out more about DOORCO, please call me direct on 07789 681651.”

Natalie Fletcher Goes Face To Face In Glass News

DOORCO’s Natalie Fletcher features in December’s Glass News popular Face To Face column.Nat Face To Face

Natalie is leads our customer services – manufacturing team and talks about how she balances managing a busy role and lots of responsibility, with spending time with her family, especially her 10 year old Callum.


Read more in December’s Glass News

DOORCO Gets Up Close & Personal With Trade Editors

Press Day

DOORCO Ltd recently opened its doors to Editors of the industry’s trade media.  The company hosted an informal event where they were able to tell the story of DOORCO and offer a behind the scenes tour of its UK manufacturing facility in Macclesfield, as well as offer a sneak preview of its up and coming innovations.  The Directors spoke candidly about how they arrived to establish DOORCO, their philosophy and the developments they’ve made since – all the while keeping the focus on customers.


Dan Sullivan, Managing Director of DOORCO explains: “This is the first time we have ever invited the trade media behind the scenes of DOORCO en masse. We’ve built the business up organically; my aversion to debt has made sure that our investments have been to strategically grow the business, remain independent and maintain focus on innovating to drive our product offering forward for our customers: we have the largest offering of composite door styles on the market, as well as the unique LINKS slab which is designed to complement aluminium profile, launched this year.  It was a great opportunity to tell our story, why we chose to be independent and how our desire to innovate has shaped us – now and for the future.


“Feedback from the editors was very positive about the company and the team behind it.  We are a family run business, probably more honest than most and that’s exactly what the press saw on the day. We were able to give our visitors insight into what’s important to DOORCO – how we do things a bit differently for our customers (large and small) and how we’ve been investing in the future of the composite door industry.


“Our visitors were given a guided tour around our manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility, from which we distribute our prepped, painted door blanks, or from warehouse stock.  In addition to this, we also supply our larger fabricator customers with containers direct from Korea – last month saw over 26,000 door blanks delivered in to the UK.
“We were able to showcase some of the investment we’ve been making across the board, as well as talk about our plans for the next stage, both in the UK and Korea. This also gave the Editors the chance to meet our growing team and some our key recruits appointed over the last 12 months.


“The day was finished off with a tour of the local independent Red Willow brewery which grew from very humble beginnings.  As well as great beer, it was really interesting to see a lot of synergies between our businesses and the desire we both have to innovate and keep moving forward.


“It was a great experience to share our story with the trade editors and gain their valuable feedback – we run an open-door policy at DOORCO so will continue to welcome any other media partners, customers, or potential customers, to our facility”.

For more information call: 01625 428955

Painted Doors In Five Days

IMG_1613 (002)

DOORCO is delighted to announce the reduction in the lead times for painted doors from its UK facility, with one side painted doors now available in just five days.

“Colour makes up around 60% of our sales at DOORCO”, comments Jayne Sullivan, Operations Director at DOORCO.  “With this level of demand comes complexity, as an increasing palette of colours are required by our customers as quickly as possible. As part of our strategic investment plan to ensure we remained responsive to our customers’ needs, in March this year we choose to invest in a purpose-built Turn-Key paint solution from Schubert’s. The Schubox® has provided DOORCO with a technologically advanced approach to supplying customers of all sizes with the highest quality, consistent custom finishes. Both solvent and water-based substrates react well, so not only have we noticed significant improvements in quality, but the unique infra-red drying process has dramatically reduced drying times.


“We no longer struggle with the bottle-neck that the painting process often causes and this has enabled us to speed up the painting process and therefore the time in which we can deliver to our customers.  We can therefore now make the commitment to a reduced turnaround on painted doors – one sided painted doors are now available on a five-day turnaround, while double painted doors and stained doors can be delivered in just seven.


“Ultimate customer satisfaction is the key driver behind everything we do at DOORCO.  Whether it’s a one-off prepped door, single or mixed pallets, being able to improve delivery times on colour is a great accolade to the commitment made providing excellent products and service and we will continuing to make improvements of this nature features at the core of what we do.”

Diamond Result For DOORCO



It’s all about the customers for the UK’s leading composite door manufacturer DOORCO Ltd, as they announce their position of finalist in this year’s G17 Customer Care Initiative of the Year.

“We are absolutely delighted to able to make this announcement,” says Jayne Sullivan, DOORCO’s Operations Director. “Even being shortlisted is testament to our commitment to our customers and the excellent products and service we provide. As one of the fastest growing and most invested-in door companies in the UK, it has been imperative to ensure that our high services levels are maintained both now and in the future. Project Diamond made this happen. Encompassing our strategic programme of investment and growth, Project Diamond focussed on management systems, IT, staff, premises, tooling and engineering, automation and marketing.

“Although DOORCO has grown dramatically in the last 12 months, our strategy of customer care has always remained our focus. Project Diamond was about ensuring we managed our growth to maintain, streamline and future-proof high service levels without sacrifice. A large part of the project was the implementation of a completely bespoke software system that allows our customers to process their orders directly. Handling an unlimited number of prep options and configurations, early results show the new system is already saving customers time and giving them greater flexibility, whilst simultaneously real-time tracking DOORCO’s performance.

“Just making it to the finals of these prestigious industry awards, let alone winning, gives third-party recognition to our approach and adds further credibility to the way we run our business. It also reflects the excellent team we have at DOORCO. Our fingers are very tightly crossed as we look forward to the awards ceremony in London.”