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Never A No With DOORCO

Dan Sullivan, MD of leading composite door supplier, DOORCO, reviews the bold service statements the company has made this year and explains to Glass News what’s been happening behind the scenes to make it all possible.


In today’s hyper-connected world everything is accessible immediately and customers expect better service than ever.  In a recent survey of customer service leaders, it was found that 66% of customers switched brands because of poor service. This is something we never want to happen and why DOORCO has taken the market by storm with bold promises that challenge the status quo.  Customer service is very much at the heart of everything we do.  Every person in the DOORCO team understands that and works hard together to focus on just one thing – meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.


All about service

Earlier this year, we launched a Customer Charter that lays out our promises to customers with regards to service levels across Distribution and Prepped Door supply.  The Customer Charter was borne from the feedback of our customers and offers clear service indicators, so they know what they can expect from working with DOORCO.  It also sets clear goals for us, to make sure we’re consistently doing what we say we’ll do. The Charter states that:

  • 99% of our doors are in stock at any one time
  • Doors are prepped in three days
  • Next day delivery on all distribution orders made before 3pm
  • Doors are painted in five days
  • Free weekly deliveries


By making such a bold statement to the whole market through advertising, there was no way we could fail and this made us even more accountable.  We’re now over six months on and we’re delivering against the five points of the charter 98.3% on time and in full.  Everyone at DOORCO has been instrumental in making the charter not just achievable, but successful.  The results are happy customers, happy customers’ customers and of course, increased sales of composite doors for everyone.


Above and beyond

We’re not stopping there:  our service philosophy goes above and beyond our Customer Charter because our core strategy lies in the scope of the service we offer. My biggest personal dislike is the word “no” or “can’t”, so when it comes to our own customers, we never want to say those words.  Our prepping service is a good example of this: it comes with no restrictions.  DOORCO customers can order any slab, design, colour, glazing cassette and glass combination to be delivered in three days, prepped for any lock, hinge, door furniture, opening configuration and they can even choose whether the edgebanding is painted or not.  It is not governed by protocol and we don’t tell our customers which products can be used on our slabs.  Our intention is to be as helpful as we possibly can with our can-do approach.


We also offer a specialist glazing service which means we can supply doors pre-glazed using the Urban, TriSYS or Inox cassette systems, within three to seven days depending on the complexity of the design.



Investing to keep customers ahead

For the past few months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we don’t suffer the pains of growth and end up making empty promises to our customers.  Our focus is on efficiency – speed and service without any compromise on quality – as we continue our strategic growth plan, investing in not only in machinery, but also IT and People.  Everything is undertaken with a combination of thought, planning, commitment and of course, the skill of our team to deliver.  We have put a lot of effort into streamlining our manufacturing processes and increasing our prepping capacity. We are now running two state of the art, custom built Schubox paint lines.  We’ve also added a new Biesse Rover A-1632 processing centre, taking our total CNC machine count to four. Relatively new to the market, the precision, quality and speed of this machine is seriously impressive.



Not resting on our laurels

This latest round of investment is to support future growth and will hopefully result in us being able to update the 2019 Customer Charter with even faster turnarounds – just because we are delivering as promised and quicker than most of our competitors, we certainly don’t want to stand still. And while we’re striving for improvement, we’re determined to keep our eye on the basics – the DOORCO team are working hard to ensure we continue to deliver, so this investment is also about supporting them with the best tools to do their jobs.



With DOORCO it is never a “no” – we don’t make empty promises or impose protocol.  We are focused one thing – meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and our fully flexible prepped door service is the perfect example of meeting this aim.


Why not come and see for yourself? Our door is always open – we welcome any new potential customers is to visit our facility, meet the team, see the quality of our products, and understand the benefits of working with a supplier that has a can-do approach.


For more information call: 01625 428955 or visit:

Autumn Trends

What has felt like the longest, hottest Summer in memory is finally drawing to a close and with that comes the return of weather that I personally both understand and love. Gone are the days of being so sticky with sweat that I’ve resorted to furiously Googling the temperature at which it’s illegal to work (I was aghast to find there is no such law). Shorter, colder days mean several things for me – slower wake-ups, hiding in the cosiness of bed; hearty, filling dinners to be demolished with a glass of red; scented candles flickering away whilst settling into the sofa to ridicule the plotlines of new BBC dramas & of course, early evening door walks, kicking the crispy leaves with the boots I’ve probably worn for 3 years too many.  

I think Autumn is a perfect time for finding doors. The fading light means there’s a genuine time limit, forcing you to pick interesting routes if you want to see great doors. The brisk air also encourages you to keep up a quick pace whilst door-hunting and then you’re rewarded with a welcoming blast of heat when you unlock the front door, ready to review the snaps just taken.

Whilst out and about, I like to keep a keen eye out for any trends I’m spotting. This year, the colours that keep popping up over and over again are rich, full, sumptuous and warm shades ranging from crimson red to a deep purple. The colours remind me of bowls of potpourri, bolognese sauce and ripe cherries. Perhaps it’s Britain collectively pining to have Mary Berry back on our screens, but the plum & berry tones are everywhere.



On doors, my advice is this – the burgundies, maroons, cordovans and oxblood shades are everywhere this Autumn. These tones look beautiful on a door, particularly with yellow-ish porch or street lighting. The shades sit comfortably between a bold red (a timeless classic) and an ultra-violet (2018’s Colour of the Year).


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 23.05.09

So, whilst the nights are drawing in and we inevitably head towards the end of the year, take comfort in the homely qualities your door and its rich colour can provide.

Until next time,

Jeyda – Chief Doork.

Creative Consultant for DOORCO

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