August 2020

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Keeping Up With The Grammers

In GGP’s August column, DOORCO’s Jayne Sullivan looks at the rising trend in pink doors and the well-timed launch of DOORCO’s Pink Door Range which is raising money for We Mind & Kelly Matters.

Keeping up with the Grammers

DOORCO has been doing a lot of work on colour over the last few months. We’re changing the paint product we use, and this naturally leads to exploring what more we can offer. Whilst we’re initially focusing on moving forward with our existing palette, the new supplier has a ‘Top 100’ list of matched colours, including many from leading colour design specialists.

One idea that was born from this colour exploration project was the new Pink Door Range we’ve just launched in support of We Mind & Kelly Matters, a charity set up by Glazerite’s John Hewitt in memory of his daughter Kelly, which aims to raise awareness of mental health and try to prevent suicide.  Pink was Kelly’s favourite colour, so she quickly came to mind when we were considering adding the new colour.  In typical DOORCO fashion, we didn’t stop at one pink door! We’ve created an exclusive collection of four doors, each one in a new shade of pink. We opted for a more traditional style, using our best-seller Carnoustie and half-glazed Lytham, but adding a modern twist with brand new exclusive glass options, some designed by our Creative Consultant Jeyda, and all produced for us by RegaLead. The design is completed with the stunning Rose Gold Sweet hardware from Brisant.

Pink – more than just a great gin!

During our review we felt pink was the colour missing from our collection, but as with every idea you must consider the commercial viability of it. Although traditionally it represents ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’, according to Farrow & Ball it’s “no longer the reserve for nurseries and children’s rooms, but a versatile palette for every kind of space, with grown-up, greyed-out shades and bold flashes of colour sitting side by side”. It’s also a pretty good Gin too!

Looking to social media we were astounded to discover that #pinkdoor has 62.k posts on Instagram and is regularly used by the growing number of influencers. Mrs Hinch (a cleaning guru on Instagram with 3.3m followers) started a new trend of pink doors amongst her ‘Hinchers’ and it’s now sweeping the UK. They’ve already taken notice of our initial posts about the collection and our customer, Xtremedoor has also picked up the trend with an increase in orders for pink doors.

We’ve already had a good deal of interest in the collection which will be available soon. If you would like to register your interest, please email . We are excited to see where this goes, especially as we are donating 20% of the door blank sales from this collection to We Mind & Kelly Matters.

What do you think of pink? What colour would you like to see trending next? Please get in touch via social media – @doorco_official on twitter, DOORCO Ltd on LinkedIn and Facebook or @DOORCOUK on Instagram.


This month I’ve been focussing less on doors but instead seeking out excellent glass design within the frames. It’s been illuminating what I’ve found.

Let’s start out with one of the most common designs I’ve seen all over the country. I call this ‘Elmer the Patchwork Elephant’. The glass is cut into square or diamond geometric shapes and splashed across in vibrant colours. Sometimes it’s placed above the door, sometimes within and each time it adds a bit of excitement to an otherwise plain door. Much like Elmer, a multi-coloured elephant who paints himself grey in order to blend in, only to find he’s loved as his original vibrant self, this glass design is a great way of showcasing a fun personality.

When it comes to jazzy glass design – some people go all out. I love to see examples where the glass has been used to pay homage to a particular passion of the owner (see the bird lover below) or paint an entire domestic scene (see the territorial cat perched on the window by sunrise).

On the flip side, if you’re looking for subtle design and high levels of security (perhaps you’re undertaking some serious intelligence work or maybe just don’t want your neighbours to know you’re in), there are endless variations of frosting glass design. Your imagination is the only limit here.

When it comes to coloured glass, semi-ornate patterns with flowers or circular shapes are commonly used. Whilst these can be striking, they often appear on older style doors & can look dated on modern numbers. Here’s two examples…

Personally, this style isn’t something I’d go for but I’d argue that it does suit the older style of door. On the modern door, the style of glass juxtaposes the chic encasement.

I’d suggest a modern door should come with an equally matching artistic design, which is something I’ve been working on in partnership with DOORCO. Watch this space for more details.

However – if you’re too indecisive to commit to a particular style or perhaps already have doors with plain glass, here’s a little hack. Take some fabric and fill your panes with that. Added bonus that any leftovers can be used to make a stylish face mask.

Until next time,

Chief Doork

Open letter to the trade press: stock

There’s been a lot of talk in the press over the last week about lead times and the supply chain and I have to agree that we are all creaking at the seams in this post-lockdown boom. Let’s not bury

our heads in the sand and pretend that any one of us is delivering on time, in full – no matter what investment has been made into systems, machinery, facilities, etc. But, what I think is a fair point to make is that the majority of us in the supply chain are doing their very best to deliver and agree that the most important thing is to be transparent with your customers.

DOORCO is one of those companies that has invested, across the board. We place a huge emphasis on stock and came out of lockdown with bolstered levels. We are also in the unique position that we are independent in both the UK and Korea, so we can react quicker than most.  But it’s still not enough. We saw 1000’s more doors than usual come through our prepping lines in July, a 34% increase, plus a 10% increase in distribution slab sales. There has also been a massive shift in demand, with consumers making bolder choices in style and colour – this adds even more pressure to suppliers because we move into supplying the “added value” services like painting.

As we came out of lockdown, we were just thankful to be opening up and unfurloughing some of our staff. We certainly didn’t predict this boom. We are doing all we can to keep on top of this with double shifts in Korea to get the slabs to the UK, and in the UK to make the doors and support our customers. We are in constant communication with our suppliers and customers, sharing stats and predictions, and ordering as much as we can but we are up against widespread stock outages higher up the supply chain.

I appreciate the patience and understanding the customers are showing right now. We will improve and we will improve quickly, and we all hope for the continuation of the good problem to have – higher volumes than expected.

Yours sincerely

Dan Sullivan