January 2021

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Bold Choices

As someone who loves a splash of colour, nothing brings me greater joy than seeing bold shades on a door. A door can be a blank canvas, an opportunity to paint a story about what’s within, and a chance to show off its owner’s individuality.

In a world dominated by advertising, we’re already quite accustomed to being surrounded by loud designs demanding our precious attention. It’s no longer  rare to see bursts of colour down the high street, and that has gradually crept into the residential. So much so that in some places, even a bright red door would no longer be considered bold. Trends have turned towards more unusual colours that captivate casual onlookers.

There’s been a particularly noticeable rise in the number of orange doors knocking around. As a ginger, I have a natural affinity with these marvellous coral creations.

Two years ago, I saw a door that has remained permanently etched into my memory. The owners had managed to paint it a garish highlighter yellow. It was almost high vis. As well as being the most unique shade I’d seen in a long time, it was adorned with a beautiful knocker in the shape of the Hand of Fatima. Hands down winner of that year’s Acadoormy Awards.

In fact, dazzlingly coloured doors decorated with distinctive – albeit sometimes bizarre – knockers is another thing to look out for. This googly-eyed pineapple fixed to a bright yellow door is as surreal and silly as Ringo Starr’s Yellow Submarine.

We’ve all seen the countless lions on smart black doors that have become synonymous with the “classy residence”, but where does that leave our impressions when we’re confronted with an apricot-coloured door with a large elephant knocker?

Now, for those fully onboard with the bold door look, why stop there? Get the whole façade involved!  In my book, pairing a loudly coloured door with an equally noisy wall is perfection – the bolder the better.

I would even encourage people to take the layering of colours to its logical extreme: the rainbow. Last year might not have been the most joyful of years, but one thing certainly shone through: our appreciation and admiration for NHS heroes. In their honour, the country was covered in rainbows for the whole year, but there’s no need for that range of colours to be a fleeting thing. Covering entire building fronts – doors, walls, windowsills and all – is a recipe for success. There’s something beautifully symbolic in the vibrancy of life behind the rainbow, and what better to come home to, every day?

Until next time,

Jeyda, Chief Doork

Engineered with GRiPCORE technology

DOORCO is driven by innovating products which help our customers stand out from the crowd in the increasingly competitive composite door market. We already have unique doors in our portfolio, such as the 6/4 Combi for easy manufacturing of traditional styles, the versatile and fashionable Farmhouse, the leading contemporary composite door Monza II, and the unrivalled aluminium alternative LINKS. Missing from our offering, however, was a solid core option.

Developing a DOORCO solid core door was a logical step for us, and in the usual DOORCO style, we needed to push the boundaries and find a solution that limits thermal movement and makes a more robust door that will not fail. Thanks to the collective experience of the DOORCO team, and the new specialist partners we appointed, we have done just that. With GRiPCORE technology, we have engineered out all the issues consumers face with the current market, and delivered unrivalled results when it comes to tolerance and security.


GRiPCORE technology is a hybrid of modern and traditional materials. Our signature 4mm GRP skins are pressed on to a unique matrix of cross laminated engineered timber and hardwood stiles and rails. Safety and security have been built into GRiPCORE’s DNA, delivering a stronger, heavier and more robust door that that will not crack, move or de-laminate. It is truly the most engineered door I have ever seen. In fact, we are so confident in the product and the engineering and investment behind it, we are offering a 10 Year Warranty on all GRiPCORE doors, with a further guarantee that the door blank will not move/bow/twist more than 3mm in that time. Both will give you & your customers confidence for years to come.




When a new product is launched, there is often an expected level of investment required to integrate that product line. For existing DOORCO customers there is none; the manufacturing requirements do not vary from our standard door product, and therefore no additional tooling or equipment is needed to start producing GRiPCORE. As stock is also a big challenge, we’ve thought about how to make this simpler too: GRiPCORE is available in a one size fits all 914mm blank. This means that from one slab, you can make all required door sizes which minimizes complex ordering and storage, saving you time and money. When it comes to style options, the majority of our existing door styles are available, making GRiPCORE a premium DOORCO alternative. We will, of course, be launching some bespoke glass and colour options to match and a new suite of marketing materials to support your sales. This includes a new state-of-the-art video showing how GRiPCORE is made, which can be viewed on the homepage of our website.

We are really excited about the GRiPCORE’s potential. So far, our customers are delighted with the new product and we anticipate it being a real game-changer for DOORCO and the composite door market as a whole. GRiPCORE doors will be available in the coming months and will be featured on Stand F5 at the FIT Show.

To register your interest, email us on info@door-co.com or call 01625 428955

New Year Message – Dan Sullivan, MD, DOORCO

A line in the sand

2021 is a year for growth for DOORCO. We’ve collectively come out of last year stronger and more robust and for DOORCO and our customers, it’s an exciting time. Although it felt risky at times, we are glad we progressed our pre-COVID investment plans into products, infrastructure and people because we’ve created opportunity: There’s new product lines, a more robust business and an even greater team. I am incredibly proud of the DOORCO team – it’s the people behind any business that the difference and their resilience has got us through the toughest of situations. We even managed to achieve the 2020 budget, which was set before we’d even heard of COVID-19. 2020 will go down as an amazing achievement in the company’s history thanks to their hard work, with several team members making names for themselves along the way.

DOORCO’s customers have been brilliant too. Our ethos is centred on having a strong partnership with our customers – this has proven to be correct on many levels in 2020. The global pandemic certainly put strain on the whole supply chain, added to that a home improvement boom that no one foresaw. But, through open lines of communication both ways, we’ve tackled the issues together with empathy and transparency. DOORCO is fortunate to partner with some of the industry’s best and thanks to them being safe and solid, we are confident of further growth in 2021.

DOORCO is more determined than ever and we’re setting out with clear objectives and purpose that demonstrate our long-term commitment to the business, our customers and the industry as a whole. We will be exhibiting on stand F5 at the FIT Show, and as we all know, the point of investing in an exhibition is to showcase what is new. Featuring heavily will be our new solid core composite door, engineered with GRiPCORE Technology, as well as at least two other new products combined with enhancements in our service offering.

We’ve also committed to further investment across the business as a whole making 2021 set to be another milestone year for DOORCO. However, at the heart of it all, staying safe and keeping our workforce fit and well remains our priority.