June 2021

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Door Trends

Ben Aspinall, IT & Marketing Manger, gives Total Fabricator an update on what’s new in the composite door market.


Door Trends

It’s been a busy couple of months at DOORCO since our last column. We’ve launched our own solid core composite door that’s engineered with GRiPCORE technology and we’ve announced that we’re now offering our very own glazing cassette system called FLiP. On top of that, door sales are flying! More challenging, in parallel, as I’m sure everyone is well aware, the supply chain is struggling. Not just because of the relentless demand for home improvements, but also because of a global shipping crisis and turbulent raw material costs. We’re grateful that our independently-owned status means we can move quickly to do what needs to be done to steady the ship. But just as importantly, we’re keeping an eye on the future and continuing to invest from growing our team to extending our manufacturing facility.

Even against these challenges, as I said before, door sales remain buoyant and we’ve seen an overall increase in sales with consistent demand for the DOORCO brand and extensive range of products this now encompasses. Let’s take a look at some of the door trends reflected in those sales, with a focus on colour:

Style and colour choices

When it comes to design, there aren’t really any significant changes to the “new-normal”, the rise in the popularity of modern door styles and slabs. Nearly a quarter of all doors sold are our more modern/ designer slabs and we are seeing more contemporary choices applied to traditional styles such as Carnoustie, Lytham, Farmhouse and Gleneagles. The choice and combination of colour, glass design and hardware style really transform a door into a whole different design category.

This is reflected in the colour stats alone: around a third of all the Carnoustie’s we’ve prepped or painted are grey and half of the Farmhouse range too.

Looking outside the box, the popularity of our new designer colour range Patina is steadily increasing. This colour range, which is exclusive to Monza II and has been specifically designed to enhance the door’s book-matched woodgrain texture, is really stunning and unrivalled in the market at the moment.

A different shade of grey

Overall, grey is king. Over a third sold of all doors sold in this period were grey in a mixture of standard Anthracite, popular shades like Slate, Patina’s, or special RAL’s. But is its reign nearly over? Style gurus suggest that more honey, earthy and warmer tones are emerging this year, so watch this space.


Back to basics

Something that recently caught our eye in the colour stakes was the sharp increase in White/ White door sales. White is a clean colour, classical, but often more suited to the commercial door sector. Dress it with modern black hardware and you suddenly have something very sharp. And, according to Alexa, there are “technically unlimited shades of white” available so you can potentially create something total bespoke.

As with many fashions, what was once deemed boring, is suddenly cool again. Furthermore, its often the case that door trends closely to follow interior design trends, and white walls are definitely a thing for 2021. Ideal Homes magazine says in a recent blog: “White has to be the most popular paint shade for our walls. It provides a blank canvas that brightens dark spaces and makes even the smallest rooms feel spacious and airy.”

In this time of cleanliness, it seems the starkness of white is a comfort.


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