Blank Trends

In DOORCO’s regular door trends column in GGP Magazine, October sees Jayne Sullivan go back to basics with a report on the trends the leading composite door manufacturer is seeing when it comes to door blank sales.

Blank Trends

As DOORCO is essentially a cog in the wheel of composite door market, supplying the door blank that empowers fabricators to create their own doors, we thought it would be interesting to go back to basics and explore the trends we are seeing from our core slab sales.  Although we talk about prepped doors a lot, slab only supply is where DOORCO started and still makes up around 75% of our business.  Ranging from traditional to contemporary, DOORCO has range of pre-app and blank door slabs which aid efficient and effective manufacturing.

Pre-App Slabs

The 4 Panel Pre-App is unique to DOORCO. The top two panels of the blank have already been removed as part of a new tool design, so for customers looking to make traditional styles such as Carnoustie, it offers significant savings on time and waste as no machining is required, and for a styles like Lytham, there is a removeable mid rail which again simplifies production and offers versatility from 1 door design – you can save an average of 49 seconds CNC machining time per door by using the 4 Panel Pre-App. Sales of this product make up around 15% of all doors sold in the last year.


Door Blanks

When it comes to door blanks for fabricators, DOORCO offers nine options plus side panels. The 6/4 Combi is one of the first DOORCO innovations introduced to the market and remains our most popular slab today. It is the most versatile blank as it allows you to create seven different door styles, as well as having a positive effect on simplifying ordering and stock. An alternative to the 6/4 Combi is the 4 Panel Blank top which is perfect for creating popular designs with a half-moon top such as Riviera or Portrush.

Moving away from the traditional panelled door, the Farmhouse – another of DOORCO’s door innovations introduced back in 2014 – is still one of our bestsellers, making up over 27% of overall sales. The Farmhouse is used to make iconic styles like the Belfry and Sunningdale, as well as one of our newer cottage designs, the Merion.  Over 25% are White/White, but we see a contemporary styling making an impact with Anthracite/White in close second with 22%.

The more contemporary blanks – Flush, Monza II and Links – make up the lion’s share of the remaining blank sales, something that has accelerated during COVID. In fact, looking at July 2019 vs 2020, where literally thousands more doors are being sold, Monza II has increased to almost 10% of sales, taking a larger chunk in a growing market that doesn’t look set to slow. We’re delighted see that these sales of Monza II, widely accepted as the benchmark for contemporary entrances, continues its upward trajectory following its launch in 2017.

The Covid Difference

While Farmhouse and 6/4 combi are still the overall bestsellers, indicating the traditional door market is still dominant, post-Covid contemporary doors – and in particular Monza II – are becoming more prevalent as overall trends suggest homeowners’ choices are becoming bolder (see previous columns).

The real ‘Covid Difference’ for DOORCO however, has been in the demand for our added-value services – painting, prepping and glazing – even from our distribution customers. Prepped door sales have risen 11% since lockdown as customers are relying on DOORCO to support those facing heightened sales and restricted workspaces.

Where next?

Looking forward I don’t see much changing from the trends we are seeing emerging post-lockdown, but DOORCO does have a new slab on the horizon that is going to be a gamechanger. Watch this space!

What do your door sales look like and are you seeing a Covid Difference? In volume and style? We’d love to hear your trends. Please get in touch via social media – @doorco_official on twitter, DOORCO Ltd on LinkedIn and Facebook or @DOORCOUK on Instagram.