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An Important Message From DOORCO Regarding Shutdown

To all our customers,

Following the government announcement yesterday evening and after consulting DOORCO customers/suppliers, we feel the right decision in the interests of everyone’s health & safety is to close down DOORCO at the end of Wednesday 25th March (5pm), with the intention to re-open from Tuesday 14th April.

We will communicate with you as and when the situation changes. Please note any orders placed in the interim will have the despatch date pushed out in accordance with our planned return from COVID-19 related temporary closure*. (*Subject to change dependent on government advice/14th April would be the 1st Production Date)

The shutdown will be done in a controlled manner with the DOORCO team during today and tomorrow. Any orders currently in production will be placed on hold.

Thank you for your understanding, please keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Dan & Jayne

A message to our customers

To all our customers,
There have been some extremely tough times over the last few years in building the DOORCO business as it stands today. We are proud to say that we have always been able to deal with these challenges head on and successfully weathered multiple storms. This has been achieved due to the 100% dedication and determination from the whole of the DOORCO team and its extended partners. We have a relentless drive to overcome ANY, and ALL challenges placed in front of us.

For DOORCO currently, it is business as usual. We are taking every precaution prescribed by the government and are closely following and adapting to the daily updates provided by the Cobra meetings. We are ensuring the upmost care and consideration for every DOORCO team member whilst trying to remain as busy and resolute as ever. We are staying focused on running the business and unless otherwise instructed, we intend to stay fully operational.

We remain committed to providing our customers the best service possible, and will endeavour to ensure normal service remains in place as long as possible. If we meet with an issue we cannot overcome, we will ensure our lines of communication are the best they can be.

The supply chain at this time remains mostly unaffected, and in true DOORCO style, we have worked closely with suppliers to ensure continuity of supply and maintain open lines of communication on a daily basis with all the key people in the chain. DOORCO Korea has remained unaffected throughout the issues faced in South Korea, they share the same ethos as the UK team, the manufacturing process has continued as normal, and shipments made on time in full. The biggest delays faced on stock deliveries have been weather related, due to storms in Europe and the UK most weekends throughout February. Cases of Covid 19 are reducing in South Korea on a daily basis, proof that the virus can be managed if action is taken.

To reiterate, its business as normal, and we will remain so for as long as there are customer requirements. Please keep in contact with the team at DOORCO and keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Dan and Jayne

Evolution of door glass supply

There is no doubt that door glass has become an integral part of the composite door supply chain. A third of all our prepped doors are now sold with glass which comes off-the-shelf from DOORCO, or pre-installed by our dedicated glazing service. As with colour, consumer tastes are becoming more sophisticated and the market has woken up to the opportunity the composite door has to offer, launching new decorative door glass ranges and working with suppliers like us to create an integrated, fast supply chain.

From previously stocking just a very limited range, our door glass offering almost exploded into an unlimited choice.  And while it would be great to offer an unlimited choice, it is impossible to manage this and move towards a fully operational JIT ordering service, something that is central to the future of DOORCO.  We currently offer a range of traditional, contemporary, minimalist or DOORCO unique glass designs, which at the time of writing, totals 524 different SKUs.  

Behind the scenes

Careful analysis of our detailed sales trend data, usage vs stock and scrutiny of our most popular ranges, has ensured we’re able to hand-pick our glass ranges to suit our customers’ needs, confident that the stock lines we invest in are the right ones.  We also wanted to update the range for 2020 by increasing our supplier network for differentiation, as well as building more resilience in to the supply chain. Carefully analysing our customers’ requirements was the only way to sensibly achieve this.

So, what we found out:

  • Clear and Obscure is, without doubt, our most popular range. Styles such as Satin and Stippolyte come out on top, mainly because of their versatility to suit any market, from social housing to retail.
  • Our most popular decorative styles last year were Reflections, Classic, Kensington, Elegance Zinc, Simplicity Zinc and Linear.
  • Our fastest growing in popularity are Beaumont (St Andrews & Carnoustie), New Orleans (Lytham), Greenwich (Monza 2 Square) and Matrix (Augusta Long)


Augusta Long Situ Deco small

What’s driving sales?

While it’s easy to count volumes of sales, understanding the trends is a different matter.  The most clear and interesting trend to emerge was that sales of glass are massively driven by door designs. For example, Diamonds – a stalwart glass design – only really sells in a Carnoustie, Birkdale or Penina door, despite being offered across all door styles. There were a few surprising discoveries like this such as Designer Etch in Grey was very popular in Gleneagles, but not across any other sizes/colours offered, Pinpoint/Rain was a top seller for Inox Nice but nowhere near as popular on all other Inox door styles, and Montreal with the Oakmont design was a fast mover compared to Montreal combined with any other door style. Trends such as these examples have really helped to shape our final stock offering.

Beaumont Situ small



What’s coming next?

I strongly believe our new range is right for 2020 – demand is driven by market, from more standard designs for new build and social housing to decorative or contemporary choices for retail, and I don’t see this radically changing.  But I do think there could be a shift towards more bespoke design in the homeowners never-ending quest for differentiation in the kerb appeal of their property.

There some very attractive etched glass designs emerging, and at a recent visit to one of the European shows, there was an array of mirrored, smoked and temperature-controlled door glass on display. We’re also working with Jeyda, our Creative Director and Chief DOORK on a range of exclusive designs, so watch this space…

We’d like your feedback – let us know what trends you’re experiencing or forecasting when it comes to your door sales, whether retail, commercial or new build via social media – on twitterLinkedInFacebook or Instagram.

Vilamoura Situ Milan small


DOORCO’s 2020 glass range gives customers the choice of 73 designs including 68 decorative and 5 clear or obscure

The original champion of choice, DOORCO expands its door glass offering with the launch of the new Decorative Glass Additions range. The 2020 glass range now gives customers an impressive 524 stock lines including traditional, contemporary or minimalist options, as well as a range of designs unique to DOORCO.

DOORCO MD Dan Sullivan comments: “Compared with other suppliers’ limited choices of glass, our range is pretty impressive, from more standard designs for new build and social housing to decorative or contemporary choices for retail.

“But we’re not offering choice for the sake of it. Following an extensive review of our glass ranges using sales and trends data, we have been able to bring together a carefully consolidated range that will allow for even faster lead times. Obscure, clear and many decorative glass lines are now stocked off-the-shelf, and despatched from three days, with the rest of our comprehensive decorative range to follow as we move towards becoming the market leader in JIT glass and glazing. Our new brochure reflecting these changes and a full suite of new images are now available to customers.

“The review has also meant that we can hold even more stock of the new glass ranges from a larger network of selected supplier partners, building more resilience into the supply chain for our customers. And just a hint about our growing glass supplier network – our Creative Consultant and resident DOORK Jeyda is currently working on her own exclusive range, hopefully available in the Autumn.

“But it’s not just about the glass itself. Customers are now relying on DOORCO for complex glazing too. Our prepping division which includes our dedicated bespoke glazing service, is seeing consistent double-digit growth month on month. In fact, a third of all our prepped doors are now sold with glass making it an integral part of our business. Day in day out, our experienced glazing team are fulfilling complex orders for the more contemporary and bespoke designs, where we can offer the craftsmanship and skills required for say the Inox cassettes, to even support volume production outsourced to us by customers.

“Our commitment to keeping a close eye of market trends, talking to customers regularly and tracking orders means we know what designs, and how much glass to stock. For example, at the moment, our best-selling glass lines are the Clear, Obscure and Stain ranges so we’ve boosted stock of these. But we’re also flexible and can increase or reduce the stock of certain items depending on how popular they are.

“The DOORCO team is renowned for working hard on behalf of our customers to continue to expand and improve our range of products and services and offer the best products, delivered JIT with the benchmark levels of service on which our customers now rely. This is a commitment we will build on during 2020 and the Decorative Glass Additions range just the first step.”

View our new brochure

Door Trends – Colour

Istaff-photo_jayne-sullivann the first of an exclusive GGP series looking at trends in composite door styles, designs, glass and colour, Jayne Sullivan, Operations Director at DOORCO takes a look back at what’s been happening in the market and gives her view of what’s going to be top in 2020.

Door Trends

Recording what’s happening in the DOORCO production line not only helps us keep abreast of emerging trends, but also provides us with information that we can share with our customers in our hotly anticipated Trends of the Month report. In this first column, where better to start than with colour, item top of the agenda for everyone in the door and window market.
Since the installation of our second paint line three years ago, demand has certainly grown and now two-thirds of doors from DOORCO are coloured. Back in 2017 we took the decision to make this hefty investment into our painting facilities here in Macclesfield and this has certainly allowed us to keep on top of this demand, which doesn’t see any signs of changing.

So what is the top door colour? On average, 29.5% of all the coloured doors we sold last year were grey. DOORCO has six grey’s in our standard and premium range (plus any RAL available as a special order) and Slate is now outselling standard red and green. Anthracite certainly took the market by storm – and although the market is merging towards a more sophisticated palette of shades of grey, grey is still king.

Next up is blue – at DOORCO we love a blue and offer thirteen ways to do blue in our standard and premium range (plus special RAL’s). We think this is going to be the Colour of the Year for doors, and when we look to colour experts, it seems they agree too. Across the board, their “2020 colours of the year” are predominantly blue: Farrow & Ball have three blues in their new ‘colour by nature’ range, created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum; Dulux is promoting Tranquil Seas (closest RAL9018) and at the time of writing Pantone has just announced their 2020 Colour of the Year as Classic Blue (closest RAL5000) and they are also promoting Bleached Coral (closest RAL9003), which offers a beautiful blue-ish variation on Chartwell Green, which is so common it’s becoming part of our standard colour range this year.

Pantone 2020.2

For 2020, the DOORCO colour range has some other more exciting innovations coming through, including the launch of the Patina colour range, which offers a totally new and unique finish and we may even be adding a new exclusive colour to our premium collection.
We would love to hear your experiences – are grey and blue top of your door colour chart? Is this reflected in windows too? Let us know what trends you’re experiencing or forecasting when it comes to your door sales, whether retail, commercial or new build via social media – on twitter, LinkedInFacebook or Instagram.


Congratulations to Lewis Boote – IT Apprentice of the Year

Lewis Boote, DOORCO’s Technology & Systems Assistant, has been awarded IT apprentice of the year at the Maxim business training awards, part of Macclesfield College, following the successful completion of his apprenticeship at DOORCO.


Ben Aspinall, IT & Marketing Manager comments:  “Lewis received this award in recognition of the outstanding work, contribution to the business and for excelling in his learning, and his tutor said, “I was blown away by his attitude, impeccable manners and organisational skills’.  Throughout his apprenticeship Lewis demonstrated a great attitude to learning and was able to practically apply his education from college to his day-to-day role; he is diligent, well-organised and often demonstrates expertise years beyond a normal apprentice, so it was a no-brainer for us to retain Lewis in a full-time role on completion of his course.  We are delighted that Lewis has been given this award by his peers at Maxim training, it is truly well deserved.”

Lewis award_2

Lewis comments: “I’m really chuffed to receive this award!  Taking on an apprenticeship where I can learn at college and gain real life experience in a work placement has been fantastic for me.  I would advise anyone thinking of it to just go for it.  DOORCO has been incredibly supportive, allowing me time to study as well as offering the type of tasks I need to complete my college work. I feel lucky and excited to be part of this great team and the future I have with the business.”


Ben concludes: “This type of award is a first for DOORCO and we’re privileged to have been highlighted as an important employer in the area because being able to provide opportunity to help people like Lewis to achieve a formal qualification and build a strong foundation for a career is fulfilling in itself, and something we will definitely be continuing with.  Once again, massive congratulations to Lewis.”

Lewis award_1

‘Apprenticeships are a brilliant fast-track way to gain practical experience as well as the theory’

20 year-old Lucie Williams, Accounts Assistant started at DOORCO in September 2017 as a Level 3 AAT Apprentice which included 1 day a week at college. When she had completed this, Lucie opted to work full-time and DOORCO is supporting her through her AAT Level 4 before she continues to ACCA which will enable her to become a fully qualified, chartered accountant.

Lucie comments: “My current role at Doorco is quite varied. Day to day, my tasks include sales invoicing, weekly payment runs, purchase ledger queries, cashflow etc.

“I have had a lot of support from DOORCO during my Apprenticeship and Training Programme. My Manager is always willing to help out with college work and they’ve often offered me time to study before exams. Over the past couple of years, I have progressed a great deal, being trained and taking on new and more high level tasks by my Manager to help tie in with my studies.

“I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship/Training position to anybody considering it. It is a brilliant way to gain practical experience as well as the theory you learn at college that ensures you’ll learn and develop the key skills needed to do the job well. I personally opted to do an Apprenticeship/ Training scheme as opposed to University as it gave me a head start in on the job experience and recognised qualifications that most employers look for.”


Manufacturing improvements set to throw down the gauntlet to the door market in 2020

Having joined DOORCO in Autumn last year, Mark Towers, Senior Production and Technical Manager describes how he has been working to further streamline and strengthen the production heart of the business, ready for the launch of some leading-edge new products in the next few months.

Mark comments: “My original brief on joining DOORCO was to drive through production improvement projects, build the skill base of our supervisors and managers and implement new processes and procedures to ultimately, with controlled investment, increase the capacity and efficiencies through the factory.

“Even for a well-established and lean organisation like DOORCO, reviews like this are always important especially in a fast-growth business. But when I learned about the new products that are coming on-line this year, the significance grew. I can’t go into detail about the product launches, but let’s just say, having the right people with the right skills in the right positions will be critical to achieve our aggressive goals. We have now done this, in part thanks to DOORCO already having invested heavily to future proof its production.

“The next steps for me are to empower the team to take responsibility and be able to make the decisions that increase volumes, add new products and allow the business to continue to grow. Each team leader will be fully autonomous in their own area. They will be the decision makers and promote process improvement projects to allow the business to continue to grow. We’ve built on our team working ethos to ensure each manager works closely with their own internal customers and that each team member takes ownership through revised KPIs, budget controls and regular communication to ensure we are moving forward in line with our strategic plan.

“As a business with innovation at its heart, it has been critical for us to work hard to attract, retain and develop talented people to drive the business forward. Despite the fact I’ve been in the door game for a long time, heading up various businesses along the supply chain, I’m genuinely excited about what DOORCO is launching in the coming months and can’t wait to see the positive impact we will have on market choice and added value opportunities for our customers.”

For more information call: 01625 428955

Mark Towers

Shared trends, shared values: Glazerite and DOORCO

michelle3As a longstanding industry name, with two decades’ trading under its belt, The Glazerite UK Group hardly needs any introduction. Built on the desire to excel in service, products and choice for its national trade, retail, commercial and new build customer base, the leading fabricator has continued to broaden the scope of its offering to ensure it keeps ahead of the market. When it comes to composite doors, Glazerite has literally transformed its composite door offering with support from DOORCO.
Michelle Wright, Group Marketing Manager at Glazerite comments: “While the size of a brochure isn’t necessarily significant, it can actually tell a story. And if you look at our door brochure, which 18 months ago was just 24 pages, and is now 64 pages, this does give an idea of the growth in door product range, scope, designs and service we’ve undergone as a business. From only offering a traditional range incorporating 26 door styles and 8 colours, our customers can now access the full range of 48 DOORCO traditional and contemporary doors. Driven by market demand and in parallel with DOORCO’s increased colour offering, our range also includes 40 colours with the option to colour match any RAL.
“Anyone involved in the composite door supply chain can see what a huge transformation the sector has undergone in the last 3 to 5 years. From its original foothold in social housing, to the material of choice in mainstream retail and newbuild, composite doors of 2020 will have to offer sophistication, individuality and above all choice – and all within acceptable lead-times. That’s how markets generally evolve when they hit tipping point and become mass-market. End-user demands get more complicated in terms of product quality and choice but customer service, fast lead times and value for money have to keep improving too.

It’s DOORCO’s service that really matters to us
“So while DOORCO’s product choice with such a huge selection of contemporary and traditional door styles and their painting, prepping and glazing service is so important to Glazerite, I have to say, it’s their service that really matters to us. Their can-do attitude and flexibility to react quickly to our requirements is a massive help. For example, the launch of the new range, and supporting marketing materials including a bespoke brochure, was a huge undertaking, but DOORCO’s product knowledge and technical support enabled us to create something fresh and modern.

What’s trending?

“All of us within the composite door supply chain continuously review our product offering, and successful companies are those that can react fast to changing end-user trends, which could be door styles, colours, glass or finish. This is something that DOORCO has always done for us, so that in turn, we can offer our customers what they need. The result is that Glazerite can offer one of the most extensive door portfolios in the industry, with the supply of the Ultion three star cylinder, and Fab & Fix furniture as standard. In 2020, we’ll also be adding our standard offering to include smart locking tech.

“Glazerite’s key objective when it comes to doors is that our installers will always have a solution to suit their customers’ properties and in 2020, this looks set to be more diverse and demanding than ever. DOORCO’s latest trend reports show that colour and contemporary styles will continue to be key drivers and Glazerite sales agree, with our sales of contemporary doors growing month on month since launch. Two thirds of DOORCO doors are now sold in colour, and nothing says contemporary more than grey. In quarter three 2019, 10% of all DOORCO colour doors were grey and at the end of the year, they announced that they now sell more Slate Grey than standard red or green.

“For Glazerite, just over one in four of our doors are now painted either in premium or special (RAL) colours and 30% of all our doors are grey, a trend that’s increasing. Looking ahead, we agree again with DOORCO – blue and more blue is certainly coming fast over the horizon. Currently 12% of all Glazerite colour doors sold are blue, something that we forecast will grow in line with Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year – Classic Blue.

“For all this talk about door colour and design trends, if we can’t deliver them in line with our customers’ expectations, then we may as well all go home! From a commercial perspective, the market is always pushing with shorter lead times and we’ve worked with the team to ensure we can deliver in just 10 days. We benefit – so in turn our customers benefit – from DOORCO’s enhanced glazing and prepping service too, which is so effective because it’s backed up with robust operating and IT systems with supply chain barcoding that I think is unparalleled in our sector.  And of course, on a day-to-day basis we have a great responsive team at DOORCO who deal with any technical queries that are raised.

True partnering results in a more vibrant and profitable market

“Markets that have and continue to evolve as quickly as composite doors, are not easy to service. Quite rightly, our customers continue to demand more to stay ahead of their competition, so in turn, we have to demand more from our suppliers, which I’m sure DOORCO will agree we have done! As a result, I think true partnering to raise the ante in terms of choice and delivery has resulted in a more vibrant and profitable market for our customers. While DOORCO’s constant push for product innovations and investment in ways to successfully deliver more choice has directly shaped and enhanced our door offering, Glazerite has also directly influenced DOORCO’s business with aligned trends that are, most importantly, based on shared values.”

For more information on Glazerite call: 01933 443222 or visit

For more information on DOORCO call: 01625 428955