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Innovation, Not Imitation

Over the last decade, DOORCO’s innovation has rewritten the composite door rulebook. The brand is committed to upholding a market of choice that gives customers a competitive edge, whether it’s unique slabs, a wide choice of door designs and colour, added value services like prepping and glazing, or customer support and marketing.

Dan Sullivan, MD of DOORCO comments: “DOORCO’s innovation means our customers never stand still, and a snapshot of our top trending doors shows just how far we’ve come in terms of design compared with 10 years ago.

Top Trending slab: Monza II
Design: Gleneagles
Premium Colours: Victory Blue; Diablo
Bespoke Colours: RAL 8001; 5014
Glass: Linear

DOORCO’s top trending August door

“Although we’ll never rest on our laurels, it’s sometimes useful to look back in time. DOORCO was the first in the market to offer several unique added value products: Farmhouse, a cottage door like no other and now one of our most in-demand doors; Monza set the benchmark for premium entrances (and Monza II made them even better); LINKS, the perfect aluminium alternative, it’s one of our fastest selling new door styles thanks to customers enjoying the added value opportunities it creates through differentiation; unlimited choice in colour; a prepping service that comes with no restrictions; and a bespoke glazing service.

“So where next? As the composite door market evolves, so will DOORCO on behalf of our customers. We’re working on some exciting innovations that will enhance all areas of our business, from product range to service delivery, always with an eye on giving our customers the competitive edge.”

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The Door Business

Nothing says British Summertime like long afternoons whiling away the hours in a local boozer. As I’m bumbling from one beer garden to the next, I’ve been keeping my (slightly blurred) eyes peeled for some stunning doors & it is with huge lamentation that I have to say – I’ve been sorely disappointed.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s not all doom and gloom. There are some beauties out there. But on the whole – a vast number of pubs seem to be underestimating the allure of a dreamy door – perhaps under the false impression that the door is only useful when open to be stumbled through by the general public.

Today, there are more pubs, bars, cafes and small businesses than ever to choose from. Each place pays a healthy chunk to have their premises and an even heftier sum on marketing – often completely forgetting the most visible thing about the store will often be the front door!

So I thought I’d pull together some examples of businesses that are making a great use of their doors and hopefully inspire others to put this valuable real estate to good use!

The Smart Art Approach
Every business wants to be memorable and an easy way to do that is going for bright colours – or better still, turning the entrance into a piece of art. Us Brits tend to be quite reserved when it comes to our doorways, so in a street full of plain Janes, why not go wild with a splash of colour and be the exotic Tarzan in town?

The Dream Theme
Perhaps you’re trying to specialise and be known around the block as the true connoisseur of something. One option is to really hammer home that message with a themed door. Don’t wait for people to get inside, show the world what you’re about!

Pass the Glass
Just because you’ve got glass doors, doesn’t mean you should pass the opportunity to make a statement. Some simple sticker designs are a really cheap but effective way of making you stand out from the rest of the street.



Back-door Escape
Equally, don’t just think of your fire-doors as a place to look at whilst rolling your eyes during the 10th fire drill of the month. Make sure you’ve got all the right signage and then try using the space to show a bit of your business’s personality.

Celebrating Years Gone By
If you’re lucky enough to have a building with an old wooden door that still works, then do everything you can to highlight its beauty. They don’t quite make them like they used to!

It’s a Door World After All

As you can see – there are great ways any business can make use of their doors. But what if your business is actually selling doors themselves? A brochure can only go so far & doesn’t provide the excitement that I believe door shopping should. Instead, some businesses are providing a more memorable experience which allows customers to see the doors up close and personal. Formby Composite Doors & Coffee Lounge have taken this approach and set up a small coffee shop where you can sip on a latte, surrounded by Vista & DOORCO doors (heaven!) and be confident in whichever one you choose.

So there we have it – the humble door has many uses and although a business’s success might not hinge on it – an appealing door goes a long way to locking down against competition.

Until next time,

Jeyda, Chief Doork

Creative Consultant for DOORCO

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Doorco Boosts Standard Glass Ranges

Glass Image 3

Leading composite door supplier, DOORCO Ltd has added two new lines to its standard glass offering with the addition of high-performance clear and obscure glass choices in eight styles. This expansion of door glass options goes hand in hand with the increase in demand for DOORCO’s glazing service.

Ben Aspinall, DOORCO’s IT & Marketing Manager. “The launch of these new glass choices fits perfectly with the growth in demand for our comprehensive glazing service, which includes more standard ranges for the new build or social housing sector, to highly decorative contemporary choices for retail focused DOORCO customers.

“To ensure we continue to try to supply customers with what they want when they need it, we’ve boosted our standard glass range to include high-performance clear, obscure or textured styles including Satin, Cotswold, Stippolyte, Pinpoint, Minster and Cathedral, all available with toughened, laminated and Low-E options. These new lines can be previewed in the DOORCO door designer and ordered through our online ordering system off-the-shelf and despatched within three days.

Join DOORCO customers taking advantage of the new glazing service

“More and more fabricators are also making the most of DOORCO’s comprehensive glazing service to free up more time and space in production, allowing them to focus on what they’re good at, and letting us do the rest. Our warehousing and manufacturing teams look after 40,000 door blanks along with huge stocks of the ODL Tri-SYS glazing cassettes and significant glass stocks from Claytons and RegaLead. Our highly trained team of glazing experts can take the hassle out of your composite door production, allowing you to focus on what gives you the best margin.

“Talk to DOORCO today about how we can help your business, whether it’s a single prepped door or large volume order, we’re geared up to be the most helpful composite door manufacturer in the UK.”

For more information call: 01625 428955

Promoting From Within

Great businesses thrive on attracting, retaining and developing the very best talent, something DOORCO is committed to doing. That’s why we’re delighted to announce two new promotions from within the company in the last month.

Stacey Copeland


Stacey Copeland has been promoted to Customer Services Supervisor, having done a fantastic job keeping our critical customer services and admin teams running through a period of rapid growth. Stacey’s priorities in the new role will be to develop more formal procedures and customer service guides for the team and she will be sharing her valuable knowledge through proactive training and coaching.





Lisa Fisher 1.1


Our second congratulations go to Lisa Fisher who has been promoted to Trainee Manager. With us for five years and one of DOORCO’s first recruits, Lisa has amassed a huge amount of experience across different departments in her time with us. Lisa will be taking on more supervisory responsibility in the Distribution and Warehouse team as we continue to grow those departments, as well as using her experience to help Stacey and the customer services team to continually develop and improve too.

I’m sure customers who know Stacey and Lisa will join us in congratulating both on their hard work, flexibility and commitment to the business.

DOORCO Delivers With The Personal Service

Transport PR ImageYou can create the best products in the world with the easiest, streamlined order systems, but if you can’t get the products to customers when you said you would, then it all falls down. That’s why DOORCO, the UK’s leading independently owned composite door manufacturer, has made delivery a prime focus, with the creation of its new Transport Department.

With over 20 years’ experience in transport and distribution, Sally Holdcroft, DOORCO’s newly promoted Transport Manager comments: “I’veSally Hould been with DOORCO for over two years working across all areas of the business and building up a transport plan for implementation behind the scenes. During this time I’ve developed a deep understanding of not just our business, but also our customers businesses and this has been vital to ensuring we develop efficient transport networks across the UK.

“These plans have now been realised with our fleet of five vehicles and drivers delivering day in day out across the country. External transport still plays a role and we will continue to benefit from a long-standing relationship with a reliable transport company that are particularly effective for larger distribution customers. Part of my role will be the management of this entire process to ensure that we continue to deliver as and when our customers need us.

“Having our own team of DOORCO drivers means we can deliver our doors with the personal touch and a direct a link back to Macclesfield for feedback. We are also backed up by robust IT systems to maximise deliveries, react to changes in orders and provide real time information on your order. We can be more environmentally friendly too because we’re able to better control waste and recycling.

“So, with our current high stock levels (99.4% OTIF), our new fleet and dedicated staff, you really can have any door when you want it*”

*subject to standard lead times.

For more information call: 01625 428955

Trending Doors at DOORCO (February 2019)

Thanks to the improvements we’ve recently made to our internal IT systems we can now collate lots of data. We’ve been monitoring the most popular ranges, designs, colours and glass since the beginning of the year and we wanted to share the results with you to see what’s hot in the composite door market

This is what was trending at DOORCO in February:


Door range: Monza



Door design: St Andrews



Premium Colours: Slate



Premium Colours: Clay



Bespoke Colours: RAL 5000



Bespoke Colours: RAL 7042



Glass: Satin Tough Low E



Find this useful? We’ll be sharing this information every month in a bid to continue our pledge to be the most helpful composite door supplier in the UK.

Head-to-head with Lewis Boote

Nineteen-year-old Lewis Boote, is the Technology & Systems Assistant at DOORCO and part of the company’s apprenticeship scheme.



Why an apprenticeship?

I chose an apprenticeship because I thought it would be a great way to get involved with the real world of work and learn so much more than just studying at college. In my opinion this is the best way to kickstart my career.


Why Manufacturing?

There was a couple of things that attracted me to a manufacturing company. Firstly, it offers an interesting career path with many future opportunities.  Secondly, even though my role is not to specifically manufacture a door, the whole process is very interesting and exciting, and technology plays a big part in making this happen efficiently.



DOORCO stood out to me in a very positive way. I liked how it was quickly growing and still quite a young company, plus it is fairly local to me. Researching the company’s website showed me how well presented it is and the amount of potential it offers from a technology point of view. I’ve never really paid much attention to doors, in fact I was never really interested in them at all, and I certainly never thought I’d be as interested in specific door designs for my own house as I am now!


What was the recruitment process? How did you find it and what was the biggest challenge?

After I passed my course in Macclesfield College, I was thinking about the next steps for my career. The college talked to us about apprenticeships and the idea appealed to me. So, I began on the Government website applying for different IT apprenticeships that I thought would suit me. As some of those were processed through the Macclesfield College’s apprenticeship scheme, I received a call from the College.  They provided more options to apply for and of those opportunities was DOORCO.  When I heard about the company and the potential to get a full-time job after the apprenticeship, it sounded perfect to me and I knew this was a great opportunity.  I went for an interview at DOORCO and thankfully got the job!


What is your role at DOORCO?

I support the day to day processes technology-wise, as well as testing new processes to improve the business. I input new data that needs to be added to the system, for example if we are introducing a new glass design for our doors, I upload all details so it is ready to be ordered by the customers. I update price lists using photoshop and create weekly/monthly reports to analyse the product statistic for that period ie Door sales, most ordered glass or hardware options, most popular colour choice etc. I also help customers on any issues with our systems and support my manager Ben with any tasks that I can assist on.


What skills have you learnt so far?

I have been here five months and already gained a lot of skills, like working with custom business software, how to test efficiently, how to troubleshoot technical issues proficiently, how to upgrade server settings, strip down/upgrade a PC successfully, swapping over phone extensions (Re-patching in the server room) and managing the new clocking-on system for the staff members.  I have also learned other skills like speaking with confidence in person/over the phone and how to prioritise/complete tasks in a fast-paced environment.


How do you find the juggle between college and work?

In work I have responsibilities which I enjoy and means that when I am attending and learning at college, I can see how developing new techniques and improving my IT knowledge can be applied in work.  This makes me enthusiastic to learn even more.


Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

I would most definitely recommend an apprenticeship. Being paid for working in the real world, whilst learning on the job as well, is definitely a win-win situation for me. Not forgetting the chance to be fully employed by the company at the end of the apprenticeship and giving me the opportunity to be able to have a much bigger role in this business.


What are you next steps, aspirations for the future?

To develop in DOORCO, facilitate the IT side of things and maybe take on a managerial role as DOORCO keeps growing and expanding.

Lucie Williams shares her apprenticeship story

Lucie Williams, a full-time Accounts Assistant with DOORCO, tells her story about juggling work and training as she heads towards being a professional accountant:


Name, Age, Position
Lucie Williams, 19, Accounts Assistant


Why an apprenticeship?

I chose to start my accounting career as an apprentice at DOORCO as I wanted to gain practical experience in addition to the theoretical knowledge gained through college. Having real life scenarios also helps to understand the theory behind what you are learning, which you can’t always grasp from a computer based exam!


Why Manufacturing?

I chose to do my apprenticeship in the manufacturing industry as I felt it would be more of a varied position than an accountancy practice, and I wanted to gain skills in business as well as accountancy.



I knew I would fit in straight away at DOORCO as everyone was so welcoming and down to earth. I admired the passion the team had for the company to grow and the drive for people to achieve their goals by offering excellent opportunities.


What is your role at DOORCO?

I have quite a varied job role which I love because it keeps me on my toes! My main tasks include purchase invoicing, purchase ledger queries and sales invoicing.


What skills have you learnt so far?

I have learnt a lot since starting at DOORCO in September 2017, both personally and accountancy wise.  This includes skills such as communication, working as a team and interpersonal skills.


How do you find the juggle between learning and work?

On my AAT level 3 Apprenticeship I had 1 day off per week which really helped with fitting studying in around a normal 9-5 working day. I was slightly nervous about going on to an apprenticeship after completing AAT level 2 as a full time college student. I was unsure how I would cope with sticking down a full time job as well as studying to pass my exams, but I actually found the apprentice root a lot more beneficial to my college studies.  It enabled me to gain knowledge from other colleagues and see real life scenarios to help give a better understanding of certain topics.


Would you recommend an apprenticeship/ training position?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship/training position as it gives you better opportunities to gain more practical experience, which not only helps with learning but is what most employees look for.


What are you next steps, aspirations for the future? 

Currently my next steps are to complete AAT level 4 and I would like to go onto study ACCA afterwards and become fully qualified.


Uniting technology and marketing for better business

Ben Aspinall, DOORCO IT & MARKETING MANAGER, discusses how DOORCO’s right blend of technology and marketing is set to transform the door supply chain.

Ben cropped


Uniting technology and marketing for better business

The marketing sector on its own can be a complicated place as new tools and techniques appear almost daily, but add in the technology sector, and you’ve got a world of unlimited choice – and complexities. Digital transformation began decades ago in the UK but in many companies, paper-based transactions and manual processes persist despite widespread innovation offering faster, safer, cheaper and more secure ways of doing business. From the outset, we recognised that nimble companies with technology at their heart would lead the way, and DOORCO is committed to remaining ahead of the digital curve.

Engaging, streamlining and adding value to the supply chain

Recent research by The Telegraph across British business found that almost half of companies believe UK businesses will be digitally transformed within the next three to 10 years, with the final remains of analogue replaced by digital and online alternatives, from accounting to SOP to advertising. Among the main benefits they hope to gain are higher productivity, better customer insight, and streamlined processes. Of course, any digital adoption within a business needs to be well executed, relevant and purposeful. Does a local corner shop need its own app? Probably not. But closer to home in the door industry, is digital transformation a way to engage, improve and add value to the supply chain? DOORCO believes yes.

Digital In Action

As the UK’s largest, independently owned composite door manufacturer, DOORCO recognised from the onset that it was vital for us to invest heavily in IT and management systems to stay ahead of our rapid growth. We went back to the drawing board to see how we could best deliver a consistently high standard of customer service, even to the point of putting disciplines together that most businesses would not consider. Take my job title as an example of this. Representing a heavy investment, we’re proud to launch what we believe is the perfect blend of technology and marketing: DOORCO’s fully comprehensive, online customer support package, an initiative we believe will transform how the entire supply chain buys and sells.

doorco-my door designer benefits2

Working as closely with our customers as we do, we identified a need to make the process of generating leads, creating orders and ultimately selling more doors, even easier. Which is why we commissioned specialist development company, The Consultancy, to develop unique online customer packages, not only for our fabricator customers, but for installers too. We’ve also worked closely with experts Business Micros on internal processing and ‘moving orders’ seamlessly along the supply chain via electronic ordering.

All Along the Supply Chain 

Our fabricators can already order directly with DOORCO online, but this new package helps them do business with their customers online as well. At the first level, our fabricators can use the DOORCO door designer to power their own bespoke online ordering systems and door designers. This means their installer customers can invest in a package that generates instant quotes and orders from them directly via individual trade portals. Our fabricators can also provide their own version of the door designer to their ‘full door set’ customers to assist selling more doors online or closing the sale in the field. The whole system allows homeowners to design, quote and order doors online via door slab and prepped slab fabricators and their installers.

In addition, another benefit to the supply chain, we’ve launched a stand-alone installer package to allow installers direct access to the DOORCO door designer, a package that can be individually branded to each retailer and used for marketing on their own website, or operationally within their business. And going right to the end user, offers homeowners a door designer facility so they can browse style, frame, colour, glass and hardware options before they request a quote. All these leads are then distributed to DOORCO customers. The Consultancy holds all the data and images for our entire range on file, so whenever a new product, colour or design is added to our portfolio, it is seamlessly integrated into customers’ own software.

doorco-my door designer benefits

Introducing a full supply chain ordering system like this makes the entire operational process more efficient, secure and convenient. And from a marketing perspective, generates more leads and ultimately more sales. We think this is a perfect endorsement of how IT and marketing can be the perfect pairing to create fantastic customer experiences. We urge anyone who doesn’t want to get left behind when it comes to digital doors to visit to see the available options.