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DOORCO delivers innovation at FIT


Fast growing composite door manufacturer, DOORCO is pleased to report a very successful FIT Show, which saw a consistently high volume of visitors to the stand, all eager to meet the manufacturers behind what is fast becoming the UK fabricator’s favourite door.

Managing Director, Dan Sullivan comments: “FIT was a great show for DOORCO, we were busy on the stand right up until the end of the last day. We make no secret of the fact that we pride ourselves on leading the way in product quality and innovation, so it was good to hear visitors say that was the reason they came to see us. There was a lot of interest in all of the door designs on display, including The Combi and the Farmhouse, but what really stood out to the larger fabricators was our recently launched Smart Door, which is pre-apertured during manufacture to save CNC time, labour and wastage costs.

“One new innovation, which is still in the R&D stage, is the hybrid concept, which we brought to the FIT Show in order to gain some all-important customer feedback. We’re confident that the door, which has a solid timber and foam core, is set to perfectly meet the demands of the retail market. Heavier and more substantial, it boasts fantastic thermal efficiency, won’t warp and uses GRP skins rather than PVC.

“It was essential for us to hear people’s thoughts because we firmly believe innovations such as this are achieved thanks to our status as manufacturers. Our working relationship with CEO Tony Cha and the team at the DOORCO Korea is very close, and feasible new ideas or suggestions from customers can be processed quickly, with samples available almost immediately. It was a real coup that Tony joined us on the stand so visitors were able to come and meet the whole team and find out exactly how we work. We’d like to thank everyone who visited our stand, and we look forward to bringing you the latest on the hybrid concept – which is already in the next stage of research and development – very soon, so watch this space.”

Meet the manufacturers at FIT

Doorco - amended blue doors (002)-page-001

Fast growing composite door manufacturer, DOORCO is pleased to return to the FIT Show as an exhibitor, where the company will be showcasing, on Stand 242, a taster of some of its high quality, innovative designs and offering visitors the chance to meet the manufacturers behind what is fast becoming one of the UK’s fabricators’ favourite doors.

Visitors to the stand can see for themselves the new Smart Door, which is pre-apertured during manufacture, therefore removing this layer from the fabricator’s processes, to save valuable CNC time, labour costs and wastage costs. Alongside this will be the popular Combi, with its unique midrail and woodgrain pattern running through from top to bottom, enabling the creation of seven styles from just one slab. Completing the trio of designs for 2016 is the Farmhouse, an upgrade on the Cottage, with the addition of a moulded design and reinforced skin for greater integrity over the original machine grooved flush door.

But that’s not all visitors can expect on Stand 242, as Managing Director Dan Sullivan explains: “We’re looking forward to showcasing this latest suite of designs at the FIT Show, alongside just some of the other innovations from our range. But developing products such as these can only be achieved thanks to our status as manufacturers. We have a fantastic partnership with CEO Tony Cha and the team at the DOORCO Korea, in which we are shareholders. This means that workable ideas and suggestions can be processed quickly, with samples available almost immediately.

“We are delighted, therefore that Tony will be joining us on the stand so visitors can speak to him, or any member of our expert team about the manufacturing process, the benefits it provides both to us as a business, and ultimately, to our customers. In line with this, there will be the opportunity throughout the show to give us feedback on our very latest innovation, the Hybrid, which is currently in the research and development stage. Without giving too much away prior to the show, we think it will make some big waves when it comes to launch. But you’ll have to come to Stand 242 to find out more.”

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DOORCO makes a move…


At golf tournaments, Saturday is referred to as Moving Day, when players are jockeying for position on the leaderboard ready for an assault on the title on the Sunday.  2015 was one big moving day for DOORCO in one way or another and Chris Champion, Editor of Glass News talks to the Managing Director of DOORCO, Dan Sullivan, about the company’s move in the marketplace.

Ed:  The most significant move for DOORCO in 2015 has to be the new premises although product sales have been impressive, too.

Dan Sullivan:  The analogy of Moving Day is quite accurate.  2015 has been a great year but we all honestly think 2016 will be even better.  We grew by 25% overall in 2015 and have budgeted for a 30% growth in 2016 although we all feel that may be pessimistic.  Acquiring the new premises including warehousing, manufacturing area and offices all in one place, is ideal for us….and literally round the corner.

Ed:  The fact that it is still on Charter Way is amazing.  How did that come about?

Dan Sullivan:  It was pure luck.  We had been looking for some time and, one day, one of the girls came back from lunch saying that all the staff at the premises next door were out in the car park.  My immediate thought was that they must have gone into administration and I walked round and asked one of the staff.  That was exactly what had happened and I asked who the landlord was and I was pointed to a guy across the car park.  He told me that the company had gone bust owing him rent and he was obviously pretty unhappy and I asked him if I could look around the place.  He told me that the administrators were keeping everyone out.  By the time I’d mentioned that I’d take a lease on the place if he could persuade the administrators to let us go inside, he’d sorted it and that was it.  A new home for DOORCO!

Ed:  If there have been any negative comments over recent years about DOORCO, it has probably been about stock.  Is the move to bigger premises all about remedying that?

Dan Sullivan:  There have certainly been occasions when we probably should have had larger stock holding – not to satisfy our own customer demands so much as  to supply customers from rival companies who were short of stock themselves!

We really haven’t required vast stockholding because, although doors blanks are coming from the Far East, our lead time is 5 weeks, not the normal 12 weeks for product from that part of the world. That difference in lead time has been very significant in that we really only need to hold 5 weeks stock at any time.  Of course, in practice, we actually hold more than that and, with the new 40,000 sq ft, plus our other warehouse from where we top up our stock at Charter Way, we will hold 16,000 to 20,000 relevant blanks at any one time.  When I say relevant, I mean that all stock is up to date and will pass any new PAS24 cutting test.  There is also considerable volume of door blanks going to direct container customers.

Ed:  You have always had a very loyal customer base…

Dan Sullivan:  I think that is down to a number of things.  Our customers are our partners and we try to provide a great service, and they pay their bills!  I know everyone will say this but in our case it is true.  We deal with like-minded people.  There is an honesty in our dealings which may be strange in this day and age but, fortunately, there are other people with the same standards as us…loyalty, honesty, enjoyment in working together and producing the best possible product for the market.

Ed:  There is much being said now about new cutting tests in PAS 24 (2016) and how the polyurethane foam filled GRP door blank is at a disadvantage…

Dan Sullivan:  …and innovating.  There is a lot being written about PAS 24 as it makes for good news story, but its old news to us, we made improvements to our products nearly 2 years ago, and we continue to make improvements to our products

The point is that we can react to change very quickly and I think it surprises customers when they make a suggestion or ask for something different and a sample is being flown in almost immediately.

Ed:  Just before we leave the issue of PAS 24, is the test realistic given the choice of tools….chisels, Stanley knife and so on?  Everyone knows that the standard Stanley knife now gets wrapped to provide greater leverage and use high tensile blades as opposed to the original specification of a standard blade…

Dan Sullivan:  The test is whatever it is, and DOORCO will ensure that the doors conform to that standard in the most cost effective way possible.  If you are asking whether the test is realistic in this day and age and whether a prospective burglar would use those tools or choose to break in through a front door, the answer is probably no.  But it is what it is and however a test may be changed, we shall always ensure that the DOORCO product conforms.

Ed:  Another ‘move’ is in the area of staffing.  Last time I was here you had around 18 staff.  That is up to around 30 now and includes your wife, Jayne, who has moved from a very senior director position with Ernst and Young, and Matt Le Mesurier who has had a lot of experience at DoorStop.  Those two alone must have changed the dynamic in the company.

Dan Sullivan:  It has, and things have changed very quickly.  It was a big decision for Jayne to leave a very high paid job and join DOORCO.  Her experience of systems and procedures has improved the whole service offered to our customers and, with the company growing so rapidly, we needed a more professional and streamlined approach to take the company to the next level  – we have taken steps to achieve this, but still have some way to go and this will continue to be one of Jayne’s key focus through the first half of 2016 with additional team members, more focus on customer service and new software investment across all areas of the business.

In the case of Matt joining us in his Senior Production Manager role, that has been an eye opener!  I thought that his experience at Doorstop would mean constant demands for more and better machines but it is just the opposite.  He looks for efficiency in every manufacturing procedure and takes great pride in finding the best way of producing quality products without spending additional cash.

Ed:  The final ‘move’ is product.  It seems you are constantly innovating and whenever I have visited DOORCO there has been new product under test.  What drives this innovation?

Dan Sullivan:  It’s mostly me, I’m afraid!  We have a tremendous relation with the factory in Korea and, if an idea comes to me or is suggested by a customer and it makes sense, then we’re straight on it.  A good example is the Combi door which, by redesigning the tools for the GRP skins, we have been able to reduce stocking requirements for both us and our customers. One door design allows the combination of designs that used to require a 4 panel and 6 panel door.

Additionally, the Smart door is a pre-apertured 4 panel door – in other words, routed to take twin vertical glazing.  This reduces waste for us in our manufacturing of prepped doors and for our customers who have CNCs.  People are inclined to forget the high costs of waste disposal and, added to that, the saving in tool costs and time, too.

Ed:  This re-engineering of tooling is costly.  Surely it’s around £30K to £60K to produce a new tool?

Dan Sullivan:  In our case, it’s   significantly more, as We produce very high quality tooling with long lifespan and very low degradation in definition of the graining.  Again, this is something we have learned over the last 10 years.  Our tools will produce in excess of 1 million door blanks.

The high cost is down to the hand graining of the tools and this is key to performance.  Not only does the grain need to look good, aesthetically, but the spread of the grain is what provides the keying for quality painting.

Ed:  You have an impressive paint spraying facility and a large oven…

Dan Sullivan:  …which is about to be doubled in size!  We can paint to any RAL colour – both here and in Korea.  It has never been a case of just the standard colours of White, Black, Red, Blue, Green and a couple of Woodgrains.  If a container customer wants all their door blanks in Canary Yellow, it’s not a problem.  Equally, if a smaller customer wants a different colour for each of their prepped doors, we are happy to accommodate them.

Ed:  And 2016?

Dan Sullivan:  As I said earlier, 2016 is a year when DOORCO will see big growth.  We now have the premises, staff, the products, and the stock to expand our customer base.  Even more new products will be launched and an additional edgebander is on order to add to our three CNCs.

DOORCO has the best imported door blank in the UK and what we do in 2016 will reinforce that statement.  If 2015 was Moving Day in your golfing analogy, then 2016 is the Sunday, and the day to win!

New property investment allows further growth for DOORCO

New factoryHaving experienced a huge increase in sales year-on-year, fast growing composite door manufacturer, DOORCO has now moved into new and much larger premises to facilitate further growth in the future.

Renovation work completed on the 36,000 square foot facility, which is within a stone’s throw of the previous premises in Macclesfield, in early November, with machinery and equipment moved in, up and running in just 48 hours. This reinvestment in the business marks a major commitment to the UK market, and ensures that the company can continue to deliver what customers need to get ahead in this competitive sector.

Jayne Sullivan, Operations Director at DOORCO explains: “We had searched for a long time to find a location which suited all of our requirements, and we’re delighted that the new facility in Macclesfield does just that. The new building provides a real opportunity for us to integrate our manufacturing and distribution divisions, which in turn provides greater flexibility for us as a business, as well as much needed space to future proof the company in line with the rapid growth and influx of big industry names coming on board that we have experienced.

“As with everything we do, we put a great deal of detailed planning and hard work into the moving process to ensure it went as smoothly as possible in order to minimise any downtime for customers. We used a variety of local companies, all of whom worked together to very tight deadlines in order to get everything in and working as it should be.

“We were thrilled to receive so much support from our industry friends and partners –particular thanks to RegaLead, Biesse, BC transport, Baileys Electrics and Airtek, who were fantastic in helping out when we needed them. Most importantly, of course, our customers have been brilliant – they ‘got’ the reasoning behind what we were doing, understood that it can be difficult and were supportive throughout. Yes, it has been hard and more disruptive than people may imagine, but the tight deadlines we imposed upon ourselves served their purpose of minimising downtime for our customers, and we have taken another great step towards achieving our even more ambitious growth projections for next year. That said, we are certainly looking forward to short break over Christmas in which to recharge!”

Approved Document Q: With DOORCO it’s clear cut

Cut through test 4

Fast growing composite door manufacturer, DOORCO, has been advising customers for some time that it was ready well ahead of the deadline for amends to Approved Document Q, and as further reassurance, the company is now pleased to share video footage which shows its door passing the PAS 24 cut test.

DOORCO has long been prepared for the new and more rigid security standards, thanks to investment more than two years ago in the production of a new breed of composite doors – one of which (the Combi door) even allows multiple door styles to be created from one design. Crucially, this new breed incorporates significantly improved security features across the board which stand up to the new regulations, and stock was adjusted accordingly at the time to ensure that customers now receive the higher security door as standard.

Dan Sullivan, Managing Director at DOORCO explains: “At DOORCO we not only pride ourselves on leading the way in product quality and innovation, but also customer service, and DOORCO customers know that we were prepared well in advance of October 1st. As additional reassurance – and in the name of openness and transparency – we now have the video evidence to prove it.

“The cut through test was performed as part of the latest round of security testing at BM TRADA, all of which we passed with flying colours. You can see for yourself that our door withstood the attack for the three minute duration. With increased resistance to forced entry, and thicker, modified skins as standard across all products, the performance of DOORCO doors has been future proofed against anticipated standards, so our customers can continue to rely on the high levels of quality they have come to expect from us.”

View the video for yourself by clicking on the image above, or at:

With pass after pass DOORCO has security covered


With the October deadline for Part Q compliance upon us, fast growing composite door manufacturer DOORCO is pleased to state that it has passed the latest round of security testing at BM TRADA with flying colours.

Whilst the company is naturally delighted with the results, they came as no real surprise, as DOORCO has been ready for the amended standard for some time, following an investment programme more than two years ago which focused on the production of a new breed of composite door. This new door design provides ultimate flexibility for the customer as it enables multiple door styles to be created from one design, but crucially, it also incorporates improved security features which stand up to the new standards.

Under the revised Part Q, either the PAS24:12 standard or Secured by Design accreditation covering the enhanced security of windows and doors becomes mandatory for anyone working on dwellings which are considered new build or conversion projects. Doors and windows must be able to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar in order to meet these standards. To do this they must be both robust and be fitted with appropriate hardware, which is true of the DOORCO range.

Dan Sullivan, Managing Director at DOORCO explains: “At DOORCO we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of product quality and innovation, and the DOORCO door range, including fire doors, is one of the few foam filled composite door ranges which can pass key/key and key/thumb tests. It has done so numerous times at countless test centres, without fail. Our doors boast increased resistance to forced entry and violent attacks, and a more substantial feel with thicker, modified skins as standard across all products so their performance has been future proofed against anticipated standards. Customers tell us that this has really paid off for them as they are assured they are buying the best and most cost effective door available and as we continue to grow, more and more people are seeing the benefit of placing their business with DOORCO.”



Fast growing composite door manufacturer DOORCO has now launched its eagerly awaited new website and upgraded its linked online ordering system. The combined website and ordering system provides the company’s resellers with an important resource through which to increase sales. It is a further indication of the company’s commitment to continually improving customer service.

Creating the new website was a lengthy process, due to DOORCO’s continuous expansion of its product range with new styles and choices which were added throughout the website design process. The end result however is an exceptionally clear, bright and modern site and its simplicity encourage the user to delve deeper and explore more options. The News and Build Check Calculator are two other site facilities designed to provide support for DOORCO customers.

The site is designed to provide a simple and effective ordering system for the company’s Prepped Slab trade customers whilst also providing them with a tool that helps to steer their homeowner customers through the design and selection process. Every one of DOORCO’s door ranges is featured using high quality professional images, together with style and colour options. The images used are also available for DOORCO customers to use in their own marketing.

“DOORCO nominated The Consultancy as our website partners and we are delighted with the first version produced by their team,” said DOORCO’s Dan Sullivan. “There are a lot more ideas and development points that the Consultancy has suggested, so there will be a programme of advancement of the site over the next few months with their help.

“Our customers have told us that our ordering system is one of the best on the market,” added Dan,” so the emphasis was on improvement using the advice that they gave to us, such as fewer clicks to complete the order. Now every one of our customers places their orders with us this way and the need for manual forms has all but vanished.”

See the DOORCO web site and Online Ordering System at You can also follow us on twitter @DOORCO_Official or keep up to date with our Facebook Page at DOORCO Ltd.