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Mark Towers

Meet The Senior Management Team: Mark Towers


Formally MD of ODL Europe, Mark Towers has joined us as Senior Production and Technical Manager and is tasked with production improvement projects, building the skill base of our supervisors and managers, and implementing new processes and procedures to ultimately, with controlled investment, increase the capacity and efficiencies throughMark T the factory.


Mark comments: “DOORCO has been built on a solid foundation and has grown at a fast rate, we just need to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills in the right positions to achieve our goals. Fundamentally, the business has invested in great kit to support the products and now it’s time to empower the team to take responsibility and be able to make the decisions that increase volumes and allow the business to continue to grow.”


New DOORCO IT Innovative Set to Power Sales for the Entire Door Supply Chain

doorco-my door designer benefitsDOORCO Ltd is once again raising the bar with the launch of a fully comprehensive online customer support package that is set to transform how the sector sells.

“Working as closely with our customers as we do, we identified a need to make the process of generating leads, creating orders and ultimately selling more doors, even easier,” explains Ben Aspinall, DOORCO’s IT & Projects Lead. “Which is why we commissioned specialist development company, The Consultancy, to develop unique online customer packages, not only for our fabricator customers, but for installers too.

“Our fabricators can already order directly with DOORCO online, but this new package helps them do business with their customers online too. At the first level, our fabricators can now utilise our DOORCO door designer to power their own bespoke online ordering systems and door designers. This means their installer customers can generate instant quotes and orders from them directly via individual trade portals. Our fabricators can also provide their own version of the door designer to their ‘full door set’ customers to assist selling more doors online or closing the sale in the field. The whole system allows homeowners to design, quote and order doors online via Door slab and prepped slab fabricators and their installers.

“We haven’t stopped there though. We’ve also launched a stand-alone installer package to allow installers direct access to the DOORCO door designer, that can again be individually branded to their business and used on their website, or within their own business.

“In addition to this, on the DOORCO website at, we also offer homeowners a door designer facility that allows them to browse the style, frame, colour, glass, and hardware options they’re considering and see them come together in the final door design, before they request a quote. These leads are then distributed to our fabricator and installer customers.

“The Consultancy holds all the data and images for the latest DOORCO range on file, therefore whenever a new product, colour or design is added to our portfolio, it is seamlessly integrated into the customer’s software.

“Introducing a full supply chain ordering system like this, that fits in with our existing online ordering systems, makes the entire process more efficient, more secure and more convenient, but most of all, door designers such as these generate more leads and more sales, which is precisely the kind of support we want to offer DOORCO fabricators and installers.

“Thanks to our customers, DOORCO’s growth into one of the leading suppliers in the UK has been rapid, but we have very different ideas about what market leadership looks like. It’s not just about supplying product in volume, it’s about doing it with consistently high standards, high levels of customer satisfaction and aiming to exceed customer expectations time and time again. These new online customer packages are the latest offering to demonstrate in real terms our commitment to customers along the supply chain.”


For more information call: 01625 428955

Stocked And Ready

December stock

At a time when orders are flooding in to get work finished by Christmas, suppliers may struggle to keep up with demand.  This will not be the case for leading composite door manufacturer, DOORCO Ltd, as they announce that they have been actively increasing stock levels to ensure they will be fully stocked throughout December, and ready to deliver when the doors open for 2019.


“One of the most important factors in any supply chain is stock.  If you don’t hold good stock levels, you can’t deliver on any other of your service promises,” says Adam Sullivan, DOORCO’s Warehouse Manager. “For DOORCO, our 99% stock promise is the first point in our Customer Charter.  Throughout the year we have been delivering prepped doors 98.3% OTIF, as well as servicing the distribution side of the business which has grown by 55%. But, as we head into December we know that orders will start flooding in as fabricator and installer customers are looking to get jobs signed off before Christmas.  At a time of year when stock gets typically diminished, we’ve decided to do the opposite and ramp our UK stock levels and scheduled deliveries from DOORCO Korea and other partners, to ensure we are ready and waiting for the final push of 2018.


“Equally as important to us is that we don’t start January with diminished stock.  Our customers want to hit the ground running in 2019, and we not only want to be right beside them, but one step ahead.  So, whether single, mixed pallet or prepped door, we aim to have it in stock for quick delivery from the first working day in January.


“Our Customer Charter is there for a reason.  DOORCO customers need to know they can have what they need, when they want it, and it all starts with making sure the product is available in the first place. Making this extra investment in stock levels at this critical time of year is imperative to continuing to deliver the outstanding service our customers have come to expect from DOORCO, without exception.”


All product information is readily available on DOORCO’s website:, or call Customer Services on 01625 428955

Save Time and Money with DOORCO’s 4 Panel Pre App Door

4 Panel Pre AppDOORCO is pleased to report that its 4 Panel Pre App door slab takes second place in the popularity stakes with fabricators thanks to its flexibility and simplicity. In a time when efficiency has never been more important, the product ticks all the boxes, genuinely saving time, money and wastage, as well as being able to produce around 60% of all traditional door styles, from just one slab.


Dan Sullivan, DOORCO’s MD explains: “The well thought out design of the 4 Panel Pre App door slab has made it one of the most popular choices amongst our fabricator customers for producing traditional doors. This is simply because it is one of the most versatile products we offer – in fact 60% of all door styles can be made using a 4 Panel Pre App slab. Rather than a woodgrain solid slab, customers opt for the 4 Panel Pre App as it has apertures created during the manufacturing process which makes a substantial impact on their fabrication process. Each door will shave 49 seconds off the CNC machining time and produce significantly less wastage, meaning they save on both labour and skip hire too, all of which results in genuine financial savings across the board.


“As well as pre-cut apertures, the 4 Panel Pre App has a removable rail which makes it even more versatile.  Fabricators can easily manufacture five of our most widely produced designs – standard four panel designs such as Penina, Carnoustie and Birkdale, and half lite designs such as Lytham and Lytham Grid – all from just one slab.  The 4 Panel Pre App is available with seven colour choices on next day delivery, or coloured in any premium colour, RAL or stain and delivered in five days.
“In the world of manufacturing we are all looking to save time and money and the 4 Panel Pre App is aimed at doing just this. In our own state of the art prepping facility, we have we have saved thousands of pounds on waste disposal, which we have been able to pass on to our prepped door customers.  We want to make sure those who fabricate composite doors are aware that they could achieve the same cost savings.


“While we are focused on cuts and savings, it is also important to point out that the quality and aesthetics of the finished product have not been diminished.  The slab has been rigorously tested so it is PAS24 and Document Q approved.  DOORCO is renowned for the quality of our slabs and the 4 Panel Pre App performs exactly the same as any other product in our range, but with even more convenience and genuine savings across the board.”


For more information call: 01625 428955

Never A No With DOORCO

Dan Sullivan, MD of leading composite door supplier, DOORCO, reviews the bold service statements the company has made this year and explains to Glass News what’s been happening behind the scenes to make it all possible.


In today’s hyper-connected world everything is accessible immediately and customers expect better service than ever.  In a recent survey of customer service leaders, it was found that 66% of customers switched brands because of poor service. This is something we never want to happen and why DOORCO has taken the market by storm with bold promises that challenge the status quo.  Customer service is very much at the heart of everything we do.  Every person in the DOORCO team understands that and works hard together to focus on just one thing – meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.


All about service

Earlier this year, we launched a Customer Charter that lays out our promises to customers with regards to service levels across Distribution and Prepped Door supply.  The Customer Charter was borne from the feedback of our customers and offers clear service indicators, so they know what they can expect from working with DOORCO.  It also sets clear goals for us, to make sure we’re consistently doing what we say we’ll do. The Charter states that:

  • 99% of our doors are in stock at any one time
  • Doors are prepped in three days
  • Next day delivery on all distribution orders made before 3pm
  • Doors are painted in five days
  • Free weekly deliveries


By making such a bold statement to the whole market through advertising, there was no way we could fail and this made us even more accountable.  We’re now over six months on and we’re delivering against the five points of the charter 98.3% on time and in full.  Everyone at DOORCO has been instrumental in making the charter not just achievable, but successful.  The results are happy customers, happy customers’ customers and of course, increased sales of composite doors for everyone.


Above and beyond

We’re not stopping there:  our service philosophy goes above and beyond our Customer Charter because our core strategy lies in the scope of the service we offer. My biggest personal dislike is the word “no” or “can’t”, so when it comes to our own customers, we never want to say those words.  Our prepping service is a good example of this: it comes with no restrictions.  DOORCO customers can order any slab, design, colour, glazing cassette and glass combination to be delivered in three days, prepped for any lock, hinge, door furniture, opening configuration and they can even choose whether the edgebanding is painted or not.  It is not governed by protocol and we don’t tell our customers which products can be used on our slabs.  Our intention is to be as helpful as we possibly can with our can-do approach.


We also offer a specialist glazing service which means we can supply doors pre-glazed using the Urban, TriSYS or Inox cassette systems, within three to seven days depending on the complexity of the design.



Investing to keep customers ahead

For the past few months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we don’t suffer the pains of growth and end up making empty promises to our customers.  Our focus is on efficiency – speed and service without any compromise on quality – as we continue our strategic growth plan, investing in not only in machinery, but also IT and People.  Everything is undertaken with a combination of thought, planning, commitment and of course, the skill of our team to deliver.  We have put a lot of effort into streamlining our manufacturing processes and increasing our prepping capacity. We are now running two state of the art, custom built Schubox paint lines.  We’ve also added a new Biesse Rover A-1632 processing centre, taking our total CNC machine count to four. Relatively new to the market, the precision, quality and speed of this machine is seriously impressive.



Not resting on our laurels

This latest round of investment is to support future growth and will hopefully result in us being able to update the 2019 Customer Charter with even faster turnarounds – just because we are delivering as promised and quicker than most of our competitors, we certainly don’t want to stand still. And while we’re striving for improvement, we’re determined to keep our eye on the basics – the DOORCO team are working hard to ensure we continue to deliver, so this investment is also about supporting them with the best tools to do their jobs.



With DOORCO it is never a “no” – we don’t make empty promises or impose protocol.  We are focused one thing – meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and our fully flexible prepped door service is the perfect example of meeting this aim.


Why not come and see for yourself? Our door is always open – we welcome any new potential customers is to visit our facility, meet the team, see the quality of our products, and understand the benefits of working with a supplier that has a can-do approach.


For more information call: 01625 428955 or visit:

DOORCO Appoints Creative Consultant

Dorco_14-08-18_Jeyda_0007Recognised as one of the UK’s most innovative composite door manufacturers, DOORCO is once again demonstrating its leading-edge approach to supply with the appointment of a Creative Consultant. Jeyda Heselton, a self-proclaimed DOORK, is teaming up with DOORCO as their Creative Consultant to add a new dimension to the company’s already innovative range of products, designs and marketing collateral.

Dan Sullivan, MD talks about the appointment: “DOORCO likes to push the envelope when it comes to innovation, whether that’s with our products, designs or marketing. We have some unique products in our portfolio but getting fresh inspiration for this is often challenging. While we can clearly see trends and growth areas through our own sales, we are often quite far removed from what is happening ‘on the street’ because we are simply a component supplier. This is why I was so intrigued by a news item about “A girl obsessed with doors” shown on the BBC back in February and on further investigation, the images she posts on her Instagram channel @knockinondoors.

““The girl obsessed with doors” turned out to be Jeyda Heselton. Jeyda’s passion and imagery caught my attention immediately and I was hoping we could get some of those images for our own use. But once we met we quickly realised she was incredibly creative and has some great ideas on what makes a good door. Not something, as a manufacturer, we often get direct insight into. We are delighted that Jeyda has agreed to be DOORCO’s Creative Consultant and look forward to sharing some of her opinions on door trends, her unique photography and making some of her rather different ideas a reality.”

Jeyda Heselton comments: “Doors are a passion of mine. There’s something fascinating about a door – common to all people and yet they can take so many different forms. The colours, sizes, textures, features and surrounding area all come together to something completely unique. I love to spend my spare time on door walks – basically walking around my home town of London taking photos of doors and then sharing with the very large online community of doorks – but who knew it would lead to meeting up with one of the UK’s leading composite door suppliers and being appointed as their Creative Consultant. I am delighted and very much looking forward to working with the team at DOORCO to help define the future of doors.

“My opening blog about my first encounter with the real door industry is available now on DOORCO’s website. Each month I will be sharing my thoughts on door trends ‘on the street’ as well as working behind the scenes on a variety of projects.”

Dan concludes: “DOORCO likes to challenge and innovate – things don’t have to stay the way there are, just because they’ve always been that way. This partnership is going to generate some fresh ideas for the industry, challenge the status quo and bring innovation to the composite door market. We will also have an injection of fresh images which will filter down to our customers to use in their own marketing, showrooms and brochures. At the end of the day, if we can widen the composite door market by enticing someone that may traditionally go with timber then this will be a great success.”

To see the full Dan Meets Jeyda interview, visit:

Colours for Now: Trend for Bold

DOORCO Ltd is expanding their colour range with the addition of seven new colours that will shape the front door market for the rest of the year.

Jayne Sullivan, Operations Director comments: “The main topic of conversation continues to be colour in all areas of the home improvement market. Whether it’s interior or exterior, homeowners are becoming braver in their colour choices and this ‘trend for bold’ is fast extending to front doors. As one of the leading composite door suppliers to the UK market, it is our job to make sure we are doing all we can to keep our customers ready to supply the homeowner with what they want.

That’s why we have introduced seven new, fashionable colours into our already extensive range of 38 standard colours. While we continue to match any colour, by adding these seven colours to our standard range, we’ve made them available on a short lead time of just five days. These new colours include darker blues and greens (Bahia Blue and Moss Green), bolder shades like Paradise Green and Caribbean Blue, coupled with the earthy and classic shades such as Clay, Mushroom and Putty.

“For DOORCO, it’s about delivering these lifestyle choices, not just doors. However consumers’ tastes evolve, as an industry we should be offering the most comprehensive collections of designs, colours and glazing options and customers tell us, the best looking composite door finish in the market. With each of the new palettes design to support the ‘trend for bold’, we’re raising the benchmark once again.”

PS The new colour range is included in our updated brochure which is available now.

For more information call: 01625 428955

Colour range 2018

Glazing Hits 100

DOORCO Glazing Service
DOORCO’s new specialist added-value Glazing Service, which offers to take the pain out of glazing doors, particularly for the growing contemporary market, hit 100 orders in just a matter of weeks and some major contacts in the pipeline for the last quarter of the year.

“As the popularity of modern door designs soars, so does the complexity of the components and skill-sets required to create the ultimate contemporary door,” says Dan Sullivan, DOORCO’s MD. “While many of our customers have the desire to introduce the flush finish of the Inox or Urban cassettes, the installation can often be complicated and time consuming and doesn’t always justify the additional resource required in their fast-paced manufacturing processes. This is why DOORCO chose to invest in our own glazing service which has specialist equipment run by a dedicated glazing team. We are delighted that it seems to fit the bill for many of our customers, both large and small.

“Enquiries so far indicate that Inox is the most popular choice for our customers. It looks great on a flush slab thanks to its high-grade stainless-steel flush fit exterior that sits just 3mm from the door surface. Tri-SYS, while simple to install, is also prevalent as customers opt for ease, which is exactly what this service was aimed at. Offering a more traditional raised profile in a woodgrain finish, Tri-SYS gives any of our designs a more conventional feel. The third option is Urban – a combination of thermally broken aluminium and PVC-U, available in a woodgrain or smooth finish, in a range of colours including an anodised finish. Urban looks great on LINKS, really creating the ultimate contemporary door.

“We’ve also made the ordering process even easier by adding a new, bespoke door designer to our website – a customer’s design can be sent directly through to our ordering system and delivered from as quick as three days.

“Being the only composite door supplier in the UK to offer the Inox, Tri-SYS and Urban glazing cassette systems as pre-glazed options is another example of DOORCO’s commitment to providing unrivalled customer service.”

For more information on all DOORCO’s products and services call 01625 428955 or to view the new door designer visit:

Sternfenster sees the benefit of sole supply from DOORCO

SflogoWith such an extensive product offering for the home improvement market, it’s clear to see why Lincolnshire based Sternfenster has such an impressive heritage to its name.  With a wealth of happy customers who come back to them time and again, quality and service is of the utmost importance.  They need suppliers that won’t let them down – which is why they use DOORCO for all of their composite door requirements.

“We initially took DOORCO products as a large customer at the time had specified their slabs,” explains Shaun Cannon, Stores and Purchasing Manager at Sternfenster.  “To start with, we paralleled two suppliers and it soon became clear that the product range of styles, colours and the overall offering from DOORCO, was much better suited to our customers’ needs.  We’ve been a customer for three years now and they are our sole supplier of composite door slabs.

“We’re currently seeing the contemporary range grow in popularity, with their Monza slab a firm favourite.  Anthracite grey is still extremely popular, although we have been asked for a few more unusual colours too.  We are currently working towards an extension to our range to include the LINKS door, as we’re sure this will also be popular with our customers.  A door slab is a complex product, making machining them a difficult process.  Inevitably, some problems do occur along the way, but it’s fair to say as and when that happens, DOORCO always rectifies the situation quickly and effectively and most importantly, they keep communicating with us.

“Composite doors tend to sell themselves, but having a great product and being able to offer the customer a wide range of styles and colours, means our customers don’t need to look anywhere else.  We’ve also found DOORCO’s brochures and sales support team to be extremely useful.  We’ve been in the business for almost 45 years, so in that context our relationship with DOORCO is relatively new, but it keeps going from strength to strength and I’m sure it will continue long into the future.”

For more information on Sternfenster call: 01522 512525 or visit
For more information on DOORCO call: 01625 428955