Doors for Every Location – It’s All About Innovation

Jayne Sullivan, Operations Director at DOORCO talked recently to GGP Magazine about the evolution of the composite door market and how the only way to stay ahead is to Jayne Newinnovate across products, service and marketing.


Doors for Every Location – It’s All About Innovation


Our connection to the door industry goes back many years, starting out in the family business supplying timber doors, right up to setting up DOORCO and becoming one of the UK’s leading composite door manufacturers.  Once seen as an add-on to the window market, there has been a clear switch in recent years that has put doors front and centre of the fenestration industry.  The composite door has driven this.

Starting out importing just one container load of composite doors directly to our first customer, competing against one supplier that saturated the market, DOORCO is now one of the leading composite door suppliers.  It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but the key thing we have learned is that innovation is the only way to keep ahead of the game. Being independent has allowed us to drive our business forward through innovation, providing differentiation in our products and services.  In a competitive market, differentiation is key.


Paying Close Attention

Being aware of the market, competitors and customers is crucial to the success of any business.  But looking beyond this, recognising that we are part of the home design market is vital.  After all the front door is one of the most important features of a house nowadays.  Fashion can be fickle – what’s ‘hot’ now isn’t necessarily ‘hot’ tomorrow. But equally when it comes to design, interior trends generally filter through to the exterior. Keeping ahead of these trends means paying close attention to how, where and what we need to be offering to our customers.


Doors for every location

DOORCO already has the widest range of designs and — customers tell us — the best looking composite door finish in the market. But as we evolve we need to do more. We want to redefine composite doors, doing away with simple “traditional” and “contemporary” labels, moving away from standard ‘door-in-house’ imagery and providing something more inspirational than lines of SKUs.
Our new brochure is a great example of this. The current brochure seems to have become the template for many; it’s comprehensive, well-structured, well laid-out and our DC Door supplement June 3customers love the fact that it can be easily wrapped with their logos and colours.  But as a company brochure that really reflects what DOORCO is about, it was time for some more innovation.


Our current advertising campaign reflects the style you will see inside the new brochure and is quite different from anything our industry has seen before.  Our wide product range is defined by four lifestyle collections – Metro, Rustic, Classic and Deco – each with its own, unique hero image.  We may have exaggerated the settings but they’re stand-out for a reason – they demonstrate that DOORCO can provide a design-inspired door for every home in every location.


Choice in Colour

Colour is still the main topic of conversation and colour choices are getting bolder.  We are introducing eight new colours into our already extensive range of 40 Premium Colours.  There are darker blues and greens (Bahia Blue and Moss Green being my personal favourites), bolder shades like Paradise Green and Caribbean Blue, coupled with the earthy and classic shades such as Clay, Mushroom and Putty. Each palette is designed to support the on-trend lifestyle choices that consumers are making today.  The new brochure will feature these new colours alongside popular RALs with a bespoke take on classic colours like Ruby Red (3003), Crème (9001) and Graphite Black (9011) which align to popular aluminium profiles.

 New Colour Range

We pay close attention to the finer details too, including supplying painted drip bars and co-ordinating edgebanding for doors that open-in, to match any colour choice. These inishing touches make all the difference to the completed look – the seamless integration of a front door into the rest of a property’s design, both inside and out.


One step beyond

Of course, there is no point in having the best finish and the boldest marketing campaign if you don’t have the means to deliver.  Service is just as important and our DOORCO Customer Charter clearly defines our promise to deliver on time, in full and fast.  It gives our customers a clear statement that is measurable and that we can be held accountable against.  This is backed up further with added-value options like the newly launched glazing service that offers the Inox, Urban or TriSYS glazing cassette systems as a pre-glazed option to all our distribution and prepped door customers.

Customer Charter 2


Innovation and attention to detail across our products, services and marketing offers the differentiation our customers need to stand out in a competitive market. Moreover, it gives the homeowner doors that represent the lifestyle choices they desire.


If you would like to find out more about DOORCO as a supplier, or would like a copy of the new brochure when it is available, call: 01625 428955