Exclusive Designs and Customisation from DOORCO


With the New Year Celebrations still fresh in the mind DOORCO is introducing several exciting new door styles to give the trade and in turn homeowners a wider choice than ever.

Care has been taken to ensure both traditional and modern tastes are catered for. For the traditional four new designs have been launched. Of these St Andrews and Gleneagles are unique to DOORCO, whilst the Sunningdale and Belfry Farmhouse styles are manufactured from brand new moulds, not routed from a flush door a process that inevitably weakens the panel. Thus, aesthetics, operation and performance are authentic and especially pleasing when installed in a traditional setting.

At the opposite end of the styling spectrum are the new contemporary Monza, Seminole, Inox Lyon and Inox Barcelona designs. These set new parameters for modern, upmarket entrances, combining clean lines with a range of glazing options for installations in which personal expression and customisation are key.

All products are available in 44mm and 68mm versions to extend appeal to a wider range of homes. Individualisation of all doors is increased through DOORCO’s in-house paint line providing an almost limitless choice of colours with fast turnaround.

The new doors enjoy the reinforced skins that are standard across the whole DOORCO range. Offering substantially increased resistance to forced entry and violent attack as well as a more substantial feel, the thicker skins anticipate impending changes to the Building Regulations and steal a march on most other door manufacturers that have yet to react.

“We believe that homeowners are increasingly discerning in their choice when replacing their entrance doors,” says DOORCO’s Dan Sullivan. “These are the first of a range of new designs that will be introduced throughout 2015 to ensure that our fabricator and installer customers always have something fresh to offer, to allow them to stand out from the crowd in a busy market.

“The investment we have made during the past two years has led us to this point, where we can continually innovate to bring something fresh to the market, in volume slab supplies just as readily as prepped doors. The choices we are offering are designed to create excitement amongst homeowners choosing a GRP door for their properties.”

Dan advises fabricators and installers to ‘watch this space’ during 2015: “We have a lot more to offer throughout this year. We are door specialists – hence the name – and we promise some nice – and profitable – surprises.”