Innovation, Not Imitation

Over the last decade, DOORCO’s innovation has rewritten the composite door rulebook. The brand is committed to upholding a market of choice that gives customers a competitive edge, whether it’s unique slabs, a wide choice of door designs and colour, added value services like prepping and glazing, or customer support and marketing.

Dan Sullivan, MD of DOORCO comments: “DOORCO’s innovation means our customers never stand still, and a snapshot of our top trending doors shows just how far we’ve come in terms of design compared with 10 years ago.

Top Trending slab: Monza II
Design: Gleneagles
Premium Colours: Victory Blue; Diablo
Bespoke Colours: RAL 8001; 5014
Glass: Linear

DOORCO’s top trending August door

“Although we’ll never rest on our laurels, it’s sometimes useful to look back in time. DOORCO was the first in the market to offer several unique added value products: Farmhouse, a cottage door like no other and now one of our most in-demand doors; Monza set the benchmark for premium entrances (and Monza II made them even better); LINKS, the perfect aluminium alternative, it’s one of our fastest selling new door styles thanks to customers enjoying the added value opportunities it creates through differentiation; unlimited choice in colour; a prepping service that comes with no restrictions; and a bespoke glazing service.

“So where next? As the composite door market evolves, so will DOORCO on behalf of our customers. We’re working on some exciting innovations that will enhance all areas of our business, from product range to service delivery, always with an eye on giving our customers the competitive edge.”

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