Jayne Sullivan, Clearview Director of the Month

Name/job title:  Jayne Sullivan, Operations DirectorJayne New

When did you join (or start) the company?  January 2015

Describe your working day:  Up at 6am, sort breakfast for the kids, household chores, usually split the school run between Dan or I which involves over 1 hour trip through the Cheshire Countryside, usually get into the office for just before 9am on school run days, or 7.30am if not. Call via Costa for caffeine fix of the day and then crack on with checking emails, informal meetings and then get onto key items on my to list. I generally only work Mondays-Thursday so get to have Friday’s off.

What is your workspace like?  Try to keep it reasonably organised, but depends on how much other people leave on it for me to review!

First thing you do when you get to your desk?  Clear up any outstanding items left over from prior day, check the bank for payments and then emails.

What websites help you?  On a personal level The Body Coach – helps keeps me honest and motivated to stay fit! I regularly check BBC News and /or twitter to quickly keep up to date on whats going on in the world

Most useful business tool?  We Transfer – essential for me to help when doing marketing and image work.

Best business decision in your current role?  To make a conscious decision to invest heavily in IT and Technology, we are still early in our journey but I believe passionately that IT will help us improve all areas of our business and help drive future growth

Favourite role models and why?  My Mum and Dad – sounds cliché but it’s true. My mum is strong, wise, practical, offers sound advice, incredibly stylish, confident and totally selfless. She is the glue that holds the family together. My Dad is different again – driven, energetic, positive, funny, shrewd, good coach and incredibly caring. They are both happily married after over 50 years together and have taught me above all, the importance of give and take in a relationship.

How do you unwind?  On a weekday, there is nothing like a good dose of fractions or algebra homework to switch me out of work mode as I try and support the kids as much as my skills permit! On a more relaxing note, I try to go to the gym a couple of times a week (helped currently by my daughter joining me for moral support), but truthfully I love nothing better than either Friday night in front of the fire or Sunday afternoon lunch out with the family and a couple of glasses of wine …