Keeping Up With The Grammers

In GGP’s August column, DOORCO’s Jayne Sullivan looks at the rising trend in pink doors and the well-timed launch of DOORCO’s Pink Door Range which is raising money for We Mind & Kelly Matters.

Keeping up with the Grammers

DOORCO has been doing a lot of work on colour over the last few months. We’re changing the paint product we use, and this naturally leads to exploring what more we can offer. Whilst we’re initially focusing on moving forward with our existing palette, the new supplier has a ‘Top 100’ list of matched colours, including many from leading colour design specialists.

One idea that was born from this colour exploration project was the new Pink Door Range we’ve just launched in support of We Mind & Kelly Matters, a charity set up by Glazerite’s John Hewitt in memory of his daughter Kelly, which aims to raise awareness of mental health and try to prevent suicide.  Pink was Kelly’s favourite colour, so she quickly came to mind when we were considering adding the new colour.  In typical DOORCO fashion, we didn’t stop at one pink door! We’ve created an exclusive collection of four doors, each one in a new shade of pink. We opted for a more traditional style, using our best-seller Carnoustie and half-glazed Lytham, but adding a modern twist with brand new exclusive glass options, some designed by our Creative Consultant Jeyda, and all produced for us by RegaLead. The design is completed with the stunning Rose Gold Sweet hardware from Brisant.

Pink – more than just a great gin!

During our review we felt pink was the colour missing from our collection, but as with every idea you must consider the commercial viability of it. Although traditionally it represents ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’, according to Farrow & Ball it’s “no longer the reserve for nurseries and children’s rooms, but a versatile palette for every kind of space, with grown-up, greyed-out shades and bold flashes of colour sitting side by side”. It’s also a pretty good Gin too!

Looking to social media we were astounded to discover that #pinkdoor has 62.k posts on Instagram and is regularly used by the growing number of influencers. Mrs Hinch (a cleaning guru on Instagram with 3.3m followers) started a new trend of pink doors amongst her ‘Hinchers’ and it’s now sweeping the UK. They’ve already taken notice of our initial posts about the collection and our customer, Xtremedoor has also picked up the trend with an increase in orders for pink doors.

We’ve already had a good deal of interest in the collection which will be available soon. If you would like to register your interest, please email . We are excited to see where this goes, especially as we are donating 20% of the door blank sales from this collection to We Mind & Kelly Matters.

What do you think of pink? What colour would you like to see trending next? Please get in touch via social media – @doorco_official on twitter, DOORCO Ltd on LinkedIn and Facebook or @DOORCOUK on Instagram.