Looking Beneath the Surface at DOORCO


The ‘DOORCO’ stand at this year’s FIT Show implied that a new exhibitor was taking part selling a wide range of composite residential doors and also featuring a nicely appointed FS, or Folding Sliding door. It was an impressive display and exhibitors and visitors alike looked on bemused at this apparent new kid on the block.

In fact DOORCO is essentially a renaming of the Capstone Door company, on the surface involving little other than a name change, with even the VAT number remaining the same. Behind the scenes however, there is much happening and a whole lot more to look forward to in the coming days…

Capstone remains a key, core product under the DOORCO umbrella, the company continuing under the ownership of Dan Sullivan who together with partner John Collins has been involved with the domestic door market for many years. Their initial business was supplying container quantities of Capstone doors to large fabricators then expanding into door distribution from UK stocks. In the last 18 months the offer has included a pre-prepared product, something that has dramatically increased the customer base as well as margins, simply by adding value.

The company’s investment in achieving this has been substantial with a spend of more than £500,000, resulting in the factory becoming one of the most advanced composite door facilities in the country. Two CNC machines, an edge bander and a paint line allow DOORCO to offer an almost limitless customisation service to its customers.

In addition to manufacturing personnel the support and management team has also doubled in size to ensure that the company has the right technical, administrative and financial skills.

But whilst a great deal has been achieved to firmly plant Capstone in the hearts and minds of UK trade buyers, the DOORCO brand represents a whole lot more as Dan Sullivan explains: “It’s actually very simple. Capstone, as popular as the brand has become, represents just one door product – composite residential – and our future is about a range of doors of all types. DOORCO means just that – there are many more opportunities out there for door products and we intend to look at all of them: we are a door supplier.“

At this year’s FIT Show, the company rolled out new products that included a 68mm rebated composite door solution and a folding sliding door system manufactured in aluminium. Rather than use the bi-fold tag for the latter, Dan has reverted to a term used before these doors became popular in the past couple of years, one that actually is more descriptive and appropriate: “Folding/Sliding or ‘FS’ is another way of distinguishing DOORCO’s products from those of our competitors,“ he says.

Dan explains further: “We could not have offered this product under the Capstone name as it is UK made. Other new concepts that are due for launch over the next few months are also made by other supply partners, further explaining why the DOORCO brand was created; we are a complete door company – it’s part of our DNA.”

A more recent innovation that both illustrates DOORCO’s continuing commitment to both Capstone and to innovation is the DOORCO 6/4 Combi, a composite door that allows fabricators to make seven popular door styles from just one door blank.

Manufactured using a unique midrail that has the woodgrain pattern running through from top to bottom, the 6/4 Combi may be manufactured into a number of popular styles including: Six Panel Solid; Twin Vertical; Twin Top; Twin Top with Mid Panel; Half Glazed; Full Glazed; and Four Glazed (twin and bottom).

“All this is with absolutely no sacrifice to the aesthetics of the door or its quality and specification,” explains Dan “This design innovation is absolutely unique to the 6/4 Combi and another exclusive benefit to DOORCO customers. It is also,” he continues “just the tip of the iceberg. The domestic door market has barely been touched in the UK. We intend to change that.”