The AcaDOORmy Awards

It’s the start of a new decade and that brings with it an additional sense of optimism & excitement on top of the natural feeling that comes with a new year. I always think it’s the perfect time of year to take stock, reflect on what’s come before and enter the new year (and indeed decade) with some intentions. I’ve been thinking about my highlights of 2019 and have devised a set of awards to dish out to the doors I saw throughout the year.

Best Colour Award

This is a really tough award as there was huge variety (as always) throughout the year. The standout doors, naturally, end up being the most vibrant colours. If you’re looking for a memorable door – then this is definitely the way to go. My favourite place for colour inspiration is always to start with the Pantone Colour of the Year choice. In 2019, the chosen colour was ‘Living coral’ which was supposed to represent ‘the fusion of modern life’ by being ‘a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.’ I’m not sure whether I noticed that, but there was one door that really etched itself into my memory & that was purely down to the striking coral colour. The rest of the house front had an overgrown garden & recycling bin so that just goes to show that a bright door really has the power to outshine its surroundings.



For 2020, the PANTONE colour of the year is ‘Classic Blue’ – a shade chosen to offer reassurance & confidence to people who may feel unsettled by some of the uncertainty throughout the world about what the future holds. A blue door equally offers a solid feel of stability & calmness – perfect to return to after a hectic day at work!



Best Knocker Award

Door features can make or break the whole front and there’s an abundance of interesting knockers out there. In 2019, the best one I saw sat proudly in the middle of a fluorescent yellow door. It was shaped as the Hand of Fatima & resting under two colourful tiles displaying the house number. I love the creative & playful approach this homeowner has taken to their door. I’d encourage anyone to see their door more like a blank artist’s canvas than simply the functional bit of material closing in their home.


Best House Front Award

The 2019 House Front of the year award is a huge accolade and of course, would only be bestowed onto a home with a truly excellent door. The winner is a particularly fun looking house where the owner has chased rainbow and even covered all the window sills in bright paint. The garish door can be found on an unassuming street in the middle of Dalston (London) where the neighbours have amusingly gone for quite the opposite look with a bog-standard plain green door.


It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but there is no denying that the vivid door & windows brings the area to life. For 2020, it’s worth thinking about what fun can be had with some bright coloured doors & if in doubt, hopefully this demonstrates that you need not settle for just one!

Until next time,


Cheif Doork and DOORCO’s Creative Consultant

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Lewis Boote Nominated For IT Apprentice Of The Year

Lewis Boote joined DOORCO just over a year ago as an IT apprentice Lewisfrom Macclesfield College. On completion of his apprenticeship in October, we appointed Lewis as a full-time member of the team and we’re delighted to announce we’ve received notification from the college that Lewis has been nominated as IT apprentice of the year in recognition of his outstanding work, contribution to the business and for excelling in his learning.

Ben Aspinall, Lewis’ line manager comments: “We’re delighted that Lewis has received this nomination, it is truly well-deserved. Lewis has been nothing short of exceptional since joining DOORCO. Throughout his apprenticeship he demonstrated a great attitude to learning and was able to practically apply his education from college to his day-to-day role. He is diligent, well-organised and often demonstrates expertise years beyond a normal apprentice. His tutor said of the nomination: ‘I was blown away by his attitude, impeccable manners and organisational skills’.

“It was a no-brainer for permanently employing Lewis and he is now on a pathway to becoming a junior project co-ordinator and integral part of the Technology team, continuing to develop projects such as customer onboarding, digitalising stock and integrating scanpoint into our manufacturing processes. We wish him the very best of luck in the awards, which will take place early next year.

“Engaging an apprentice through Macclesfield College has been a great experience and something we are looking to continue as we look to further invest in and grow our team.”

The Team Behind The Brand

DOORCO’s General Manager, Matthew Le Masurier introduces us to some of the well-known faces in DOORCO’s senior management team and reveals how they are continuing to use their experience to drive the DOORCO brand forward.Matthew Le Masurier_0000041 web

The Team Behind The Brand

What is a brand? The direct definition is ‘a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name’ but, it is far more than that. A brand is the personality of a business; it represents core values and what a company stands for. Take John Lewis & Partners – the name and brand were launched with the strapline ‘when you’re part of it, you put your heart into it’ which represents the idea that appreciating your staff, and the various skills they offer, makes them feel valued – and when they feel valued, great things can happen.

This resonates with DOORCO. As a company, we talk a lot about our brand because it’s important to us. Customers tell us how important it is to them too. And for DOORCO our brand is certainly our people. Day in day out, it’s the DOORCO people who sell and deliver the brand ethos and promise: from warehousing, to deliveries, to production, to customer services. As a fast-growing business, it has been critical to us to work hard to attract, retain and develop talented people to drive the business forward.

Meet The Senior Management Team


Mark T
Mark Towers, Senior Production and Technical Manager
Phil Taylor, Head of Procurement
Mike Roe, National Sales Manager
Ben Aspinall, IT & Marketing Manager
Adan Sullivan, Warehouse Manager
Michel Wnuk, Transport Manager
Natalie Coomer, Finance Manager
Stacey Copeland, Customer Service Supervisor
Andrew Rowan, Quality Assurance Inspector









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Andrew Rowan

Meet The Senior Management Team:  Andrew Rowan

Andrew Rowan is our Quality Assurance Inspector: “My role is to identify and monitor any quality issues that may arise in order to liaise with the production team to implement controls and proactive preventative measures. Through structured, documented and fully implemented quality procedures, we can better manage customer expectations, Andrew Rowan, Quality Assurance Inspectoradhere to our high standards of consistent quality, and keep the DOORCO brand promise we’ve always set out to offer customers.”


Stacey Copeland

Meet The Senior Management Team:  Stacey Copeland

Stacey Copeland supervises the customer services department, managing and communicating work to ensure that all manufacturing orders are processed and despatched correctly and on time. Stacey comments: “We are a busy team, which at times makes training/ development tough.  But my team are well-trained, with good processes and Staceyprocedures in place, and a great rapport with our customers.  Everyone cares about our customers and our performance.


“As a business, DOORCO is always very keen on improving their customers experience and nothing is too much trouble, we all pull together to get the job done.  DOORCO is a family-run business and I feel very much part of that family.”


Natalie Coomer

Meet The Senior Management Team:  Natalie Coomer

Natalie Coomer is the Finance Manager, having worked her way up through training and personal developing – something she also strongly promotes in her team. Natalie has been part of the team implementing the internal system upgrades, and explains: “With the continued growth of the business, it is always a challenge keeping up with the volumeNatalie Coomer, Finance Manager and pace of workload, but our improved internal systems have allowed us manage this effectively and focus on monitoring performance and investment.


“I enjoy a diverse role, and collectively with my five-strong team deliver on company targets from purchase ledger to management reporting, and everything in between.


“I have direct access to the directors, they are hands-on, challenging but fully supportive of me and my role. DOORCO is a great team who will pull together to get anything delivered and have maintained this even through significant growth in all areas.  It’s this ethos that makes the difference.”

Michal Wnuk

Meet The Senior Management Team: Michal Wnuk

Michal Wnuk is the new Transport Manager, responsible for making sure everything is delivered on time in full, even when things are out of his control.  Working with the other departments, Michal’s aim is to fully digitalise the transport operation to give customers complete transparency and improve efficiencies and cost-savings and thus increasing DOORCO’s delivery capacity.Michel Wnuk, Transport Manager


Adam Sullivan

Meet The Senior Management Team:  Adam Sullivan

Adam Sullivan is the Warehouse Manager and has empowered his team to develop the stock-handling and ability to increase capacity to deliver on the fast turnarounds that are promised in the DOORCO Customer Charter. Adam describes DOORCO’s approach: “DOORCO is forever moving forward with our products; we don’t wait for trends we try to Adan Sullivan, Warehouse Managermake them. We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude and working hard to achieve the best possible service for our customers.”


Ben Aspinall

Meet The Senior Management Team:  Ben Aspinall

Ben Aspinall is the IT & Marketing Manager. Having worked and trained with Business Micros, Ben’s experience has transformed DOORCO’s internal systems and procedures, improving customer experience and delivering seamless onboarding for new customers.  Ben explains: “Keeping up with ever changing technological advances and continuing Benon the journey to make DOORCO internally fully digital will only further promote the company’s OTIF levels and overall customer experience. It is a great place to work. The company is innovative, creative and in-control of what happens, but most importantly customers can speak to anyone in the business, getting the personal touch.”