DOORCO is Opening Up the Market


We are much more than a name says MD Dan Sullivan as he tells Glass News how… DOORCO is Opening Up the Market

With a ‘Prince’ like swerve the company formerly known as Capstone changed name to DOORCO in December 2013. What’s in the name?

The reason for the change, according to MD Dan Sullivan, is that the company is now so much more than the UK distributor for the highly popular Capstone composite door that have grabbed the attention of a large number of manufacturers and in turn, installers and homeowners. DOORCO will offer an even more diverse range of doors and door options as time goes by: “We are still the UK distributor for Capstone doors, both blanks delivered to door manufacturers in containers, increasing volumes through distribution to major fabricators with CNC facilities and increasingly products in varying stages of ‘prep’,” he explains. “GRP doors are our number one product, and it is no mistake that some of the biggest door fabricators in the UK use our product, but we have aspirations to be a one stop door supplier to all customers. At this year’s FIT Show we revealed several new products in our GRP door range, and also new products developed and designed by DOORCO which takes us into different types or sub sectors of the door markets. The name, therefore, needed to be changed and that is what we greeted visitors to The FIT Show with!”

At the show DOORCO rolled out their first bi-folding – or ‘folding/sliding’ – door system manufactured in aluminium. Rather than use the bi-fold tag for this, interestingly Dan is reverting to a term not used these days for this type of door, one that actually is more descriptive and appropriate: “Folding/Sliding or ‘FS’ was originally the term used before these doors became popular in the past couple of years,” explained Dan. ‘It’s another way of distinguishing DOORCO’S range of products from those of our competitors“.

There is of course, far more to the DOORCO FS doors than a break from the usual nomenclature. “DOORCO aims to always bring something new to the party and the company’s set-sized FS doors certainly promise that,” says Dan: “The FS doors are supplied as kits which allow us to offer substantially greater margins to installers as they assemble the doors themselves, with the savings compared with fully assembled doors going into their pockets. The key is that the system is designed to be fast and simple to assemble whilst still providing the strength, rigidity, security and aesthetics homeowners expect.”

In the meantime, the 68mm rebated composite door is driving the residential door replacement sector upmarket: “There is a very distinct sector that has remained relatively untouched,” explains Dan. “Luxury home owners naturally seek better quality products for their properties both because their homes are generally of higher quality and these people require and are prepared to pay for something that is better in terms of manufacture, aesthetics and of course, performance. The DOORCO 68mm is making inroads already since being launched as a prepped product in June, offering installers an additional product for a lucrative sector”.

Capstone products will remain the cornerstone of DOORCO’S operation and a great deal of time and money has been invested in enhancing the offer. The company initially supplied container quantities of Capstone ‘blanks’ – ex factory, unworked door panels – to large fabricators, rapidly expanding into distribution from UK stocks, which is where the major growth of the company lies. The last 18 months has seen the company offering a prepped door solution for fabricators who wish to add their own uniqueness and so reaching an expanding and growing customer base allowing more companies to use the DOORCO GRP door blank.

The £500,000 spent on this enhancement to the company has elevated DOORCO to possess one of the most advanced composite door facilities in the country, with two CNC machines, an edge-bander and a bespoke paint line, all of which offers almost unlimited choice to customers. The team has also nearly doubled in size to ensure that the company has the right technical, administrative and financial skills to support the different areas of the business. This includes the recruitment of former Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ernst & Young and Astra Zeneca executive Jayne Sullivan into the business, something that Dan says has been crucial to the expansion. “We don’t just need numbers of people in DOORCO, we need expertise to ensure that our systems are in place and are robust, that management also steps up a gear in line with our expansion. We didn’t look far to find the solution in Jayne who has the skills, knowledge and commitment to make a real positive impact” said Dan. The growth and success we have enjoyed from our first recruit from the corporate world, Mike Roe who heads up the sales, has given me the confidence to bring in people of this level and now to have such experienced individuals on board gives me a lot of confidence for the future.

The name change heralds a new phase for the company but the investment and new products are very tangible evidence of commitment to the market. Dan explains: “Doors are in our DNA, we have sold literally hundreds of thousands of doors of all types over the past ten years and we know doors and the markets for them inside out. And if you consider just how many different types of door there are in an average house, for example, we are just scratching the surface…”

Despite our best efforts Dan would not be drawn further on this somewhat enigmatic conclusion to our interview. All he would say was that plans for further new products that would “turn the industry on its head” will be revealed around the turn of the year. We will be the first to bring you the detail.

The Door That’s Seven Doors… The Innovative DOORCO 6/4 Combi


Composite Door CNC fabricators can now make seven popular door styles from just one door blank with the latest innovation from DOORCO – the 6/4 Combi.

The 6/4 Combi has a unique midrail with the woodgrain pattern running through from top to bottom, enabling it to be made into any of the following styles:

  • Six Panel Solid
  • Twin Vertical
  • Twin Top
  • Twin Top with Mid Panel
  • Half Glazed
  • Full Glazed
  • Four Glazed (twin and bottom)

This not only makes the door extremely versatile but also drastically cuts the need for stock, as DOORCO MD Dan Sullivan explained:

“Stock is always a challenge for all door fabricators especially for the lower volume fabricators because of the range of options available. The 6/4 Combi brings together seven of the most popular styles while taking up less space, tying up less money and simplifying ordering and invoicing.

“All this is with absolutely no sacrifice to the aesthetics of the door or its quality and specification. This design innovation is absolutely unique to the 6/4 Combi and another exclusive benefit to DOORCO customers.”

The 6/4 Combi joins the existing comprehensive range from DOORCO, formerly Capstone Doors Limited, which not only imports the Capstone brand of door slabs for major door fabricators but also offers part finished and painted doors for fabricators who wish to add their own style on to the product.

DOORCO Goes On Growing With Jayne Sullivan As Operation Director


DOORCO, formerly the Capstone composite door brand, has announced the appointment of Jayne Sullivan as its first Operations Director.

Jayne, wife of MD Dan Sullivan has years of experience both in the corporate world and the family business environment – where she says she began at the age of ten. Now, after Dan and co-founder John Collins have put seven years into building Capstone and DOORCO into its present form, all are agreed the time is right for her to join the team.

She brings with her an impressive CV with blue chip names including Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ernst & Young and Astra Zeneca, working fields as diverse as energy & utilities, telecoms, entertainment, betting and local government, in various locations around Europe and the Far East.

Jayne says: “My priority as Operations Director will be to ensure that we have robust processes working well over all areas of the business. The company has relied on a small but dedicated team to operate it but as it grows, we will need to make more use of technology so that our staff can focus on more valuable tasks.”

The company had its beginnings when Dan and John, both with years of experience in the door industry, began supplying container quantities of door slabs to large fabricators. The change of identity came about after it began manufacturing prepared doors of all kinds, not just residential composite and took on DOORCO as a name that was more relevant to its new offering. Dan explained that it was the impact an earlier recruitment from the corporate world – of Sales Manager Mike Roe – that highlighted the benefits Jayne could bring to the business with her own corporate background.

Dan concluded: “We are really turning up our focus on the team, which has grown by nearly double in the last year. We have the right people; we now need to support them to develop skills in areas which we need and will continue to add to this as the business grows.”

DOORCO Celebrates 3000th Door Through Its Custom Paint Line


DOORCO, the recently re-branded supplier of Capstone composite doors, is celebrating the 3000th door to go through the company’s in-house paint line in the two years since the system was installed at its Macclesfield factory.

The system was designed and installed specifically for the GRP door market using Regalead’s Color Spray colour systems and Renolit foils to provide consistently accurate and high quality matches. A full range of RAL colours is provided in addition to authentic stained finishes. Glazing cassettes and accessories are painted with the panels to ensure an exact colour match.

Products and processes including controlled drying techniques have been developed specifically for the company’s Capstone GRP doors. An intensive quality control system ensures that every door that leaves the factory is produced to the highest standards to maintain the exceptional finishes for which Capstone doors have become identified. A 10-year guarantee given with every DOORCO GRP residential door is therefore offered with complete confidence.

DOORCO managing director Dan Sullivan says the milestone is more than just a number: “More than 3000 doors through our own in-house paint line makes DOORCO one of the most experienced suppliers of custom finished resi’ doors in the UK. We control all of our own processes and can therefore offer the highest quality finishes in the market with complete confidence.”