Approved Document Q: With DOORCO it’s clear cut

Cut through test 4

Fast growing composite door manufacturer, DOORCO, has been advising customers for some time that it was ready well ahead of the deadline for amends to Approved Document Q, and as further reassurance, the company is now pleased to share video footage which shows its door passing the PAS 24 cut test.

DOORCO has long been prepared for the new and more rigid security standards, thanks to investment more than two years ago in the production of a new breed of composite doors – one of which (the Combi door) even allows multiple door styles to be created from one design. Crucially, this new breed incorporates significantly improved security features across the board which stand up to the new regulations, and stock was adjusted accordingly at the time to ensure that customers now receive the higher security door as standard.

Dan Sullivan, Managing Director at DOORCO explains: “At DOORCO we not only pride ourselves on leading the way in product quality and innovation, but also customer service, and DOORCO customers know that we were prepared well in advance of October 1st. As additional reassurance – and in the name of openness and transparency – we now have the video evidence to prove it.

“The cut through test was performed as part of the latest round of security testing at BM TRADA, all of which we passed with flying colours. You can see for yourself that our door withstood the attack for the three minute duration. With increased resistance to forced entry, and thicker, modified skins as standard across all products, the performance of DOORCO doors has been future proofed against anticipated standards, so our customers can continue to rely on the high levels of quality they have come to expect from us.”

View the video for yourself by clicking on the image above, or at:

With pass after pass DOORCO has security covered


With the October deadline for Part Q compliance upon us, fast growing composite door manufacturer DOORCO is pleased to state that it has passed the latest round of security testing at BM TRADA with flying colours.

Whilst the company is naturally delighted with the results, they came as no real surprise, as DOORCO has been ready for the amended standard for some time, following an investment programme more than two years ago which focused on the production of a new breed of composite door. This new door design provides ultimate flexibility for the customer as it enables multiple door styles to be created from one design, but crucially, it also incorporates improved security features which stand up to the new standards.

Under the revised Part Q, either the PAS24:12 standard or Secured by Design accreditation covering the enhanced security of windows and doors becomes mandatory for anyone working on dwellings which are considered new build or conversion projects. Doors and windows must be able to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar in order to meet these standards. To do this they must be both robust and be fitted with appropriate hardware, which is true of the DOORCO range.

Dan Sullivan, Managing Director at DOORCO explains: “At DOORCO we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of product quality and innovation, and the DOORCO door range, including fire doors, is one of the few foam filled composite door ranges which can pass key/key and key/thumb tests. It has done so numerous times at countless test centres, without fail. Our doors boast increased resistance to forced entry and violent attacks, and a more substantial feel with thicker, modified skins as standard across all products so their performance has been future proofed against anticipated standards. Customers tell us that this has really paid off for them as they are assured they are buying the best and most cost effective door available and as we continue to grow, more and more people are seeing the benefit of placing their business with DOORCO.”

Far better Farmhouse – for looks and security

Cottage Square Dia Simp (2)

Composite door manufacturer DOORCO is urging fabricators to move up to its Farmhouse door range for improved aesthetics and higher security spec over its existing Cottage range.

Farmhouse was launched earlier this year as a major upgrade of Cottage with the addition of a moulded design and reinforced skin for greater integrity over the original machine grooved flush door.

MD Dan Sullivan said: “This gives it a much improved appearance and added security because they are designed into the manufacturing process. The Cottage door has been very successful for us and our fabricator customers so we are sure the Farmhouse will be even more so – it is an altogether better quality door.”

The Farmhouse door can be seen in the DOORCO brochure in its best-selling Sunningdale and Belfry styles but is offered in many other styles and glazing options. The new door also meets the amendments to Pas 24:12, as part of Approved Document Q.

Dan continued: “We will continue to offer the Cottage range as long as a significant number of customers want it but we are encouraging them all to look to the obvious benefits of the Farmhouse range and make the change for the better.

“We have always been committed to producing the best quality doors and designs through continuous innovation and the introduction of the Farmhouse is another major step in that direction and one that complements the rest of the DOORCO range as one of the most secure composite doors available.”



With a continued growth in sales driven by the company’s commitment to a price freeze for 2015, customer-friendly supply agreements and future-proofing product improvements, Britain’s fastest growing composite door manufacturer DOORCO has embarked upon a recruitment drive.

A move into larger premises close to DOORCO’s original Macclesfield, Cheshire base has allowed the doors to be flung open for talented people in all departments including Logistics/Distribution, Buying/Purchasing, Sales, Customer Service, I.T. and Finance.

Managing Director Dan Sullivan says the opportunities for a genuine career path are excellent: “We are growing on a weekly basis which gives the team a huge lift; but we need like-minded people on board to help us grow our infrastructure for existing and new customers, to help us remain at the forefront of the market.”

Dan says that a number of factors are responsible for a 60% growth in sales year-on-year at DOORCO and that the increase shows no signs of slowing: “Earlier this year we made a commitment to maintaining our prices for 2015 at least, in addition to offering non-restrictive supply agreements for our customers. We have been able to make such commitments and the market has responded. That now translates into some excellent opportunities for talented people.”

Anyone believing they have the talent to bring something special to DOORCO should contact the composite door manufacturer now says Dan: “Write to us at DOORCO and tell us your story! We need the best people to grow with us.”

Interested applicants write to Dan or Jayne at or call 01625 428955.



Fast growing composite door manufacturer DOORCO has now launched its eagerly awaited new website and upgraded its linked online ordering system. The combined website and ordering system provides the company’s resellers with an important resource through which to increase sales. It is a further indication of the company’s commitment to continually improving customer service.

Creating the new website was a lengthy process, due to DOORCO’s continuous expansion of its product range with new styles and choices which were added throughout the website design process. The end result however is an exceptionally clear, bright and modern site and its simplicity encourage the user to delve deeper and explore more options. The News and Build Check Calculator are two other site facilities designed to provide support for DOORCO customers.

The site is designed to provide a simple and effective ordering system for the company’s Prepped Slab trade customers whilst also providing them with a tool that helps to steer their homeowner customers through the design and selection process. Every one of DOORCO’s door ranges is featured using high quality professional images, together with style and colour options. The images used are also available for DOORCO customers to use in their own marketing.

“DOORCO nominated The Consultancy as our website partners and we are delighted with the first version produced by their team,” said DOORCO’s Dan Sullivan. “There are a lot more ideas and development points that the Consultancy has suggested, so there will be a programme of advancement of the site over the next few months with their help.

“Our customers have told us that our ordering system is one of the best on the market,” added Dan,” so the emphasis was on improvement using the advice that they gave to us, such as fewer clicks to complete the order. Now every one of our customers places their orders with us this way and the need for manual forms has all but vanished.”

See the DOORCO web site and Online Ordering System at You can also follow us on twitter @DOORCO_Official or keep up to date with our Facebook Page at DOORCO Ltd.

To Rise or not to Rise


As one of the major composite door suppliers announce price increases, DOORCO’s Dan Sullivan explains why and how his company will stand firm

Price rises in any market are a contentious issue and the UK window and door home improvement market is no exception. The general response to any increase is emotive, and generally the response by the buyer is not a positive one.

Price rises are being imposed by some composite door manufacturers but at DOORCO we are guaranteeing our prices until at least the end of 2015. So how can one company hold its prices whilst making improvements to their products, whilst others rush to increase theirs?

I can only explain DOORCO’s position and point of view…

DOORCO, formerly Capstone, began an investment programme just over 2 years ago that was focused on producing a new breed of composite door, with more benefits and features incorporating smarter door designs, with improved security features. That investment is now paying off, with DOORCO products on the shelf and ready to provide customers all the requirements needed including the key thumb’ test, specifically PAS24 B.4.4.4 across the range.

At the same time investment was made in manufacturing facilities for ‘prepped’ doors; edge banded, painted and so forth, of better quality and produced more efficiently.

During that time we have also focused on sales and marketing, to reach more potential – and actual – customers. We have therefore enjoyed very significant growth, which of course increases the volumes that we take from our core suppliers. Which in turn helps our negotiations with them on the prices at which they sell their products to us.

Currency exchange affects all of us and sterling has been on a roller coaster over the past few months; add that unpredictability to lowering oil prices and calculating a price list in advance can be a nightmare. Unless of course you have prepared for it; which is substantially why we have done what we have done.

Our investment, which was very substantial, was partly based upon calculations that would allow us a margin for changes that were out of our control – every company of course will try and do that – and we and more importantly our customers, are enjoying the fruits of that in the current period.

Customers make a judgment on from whom and where they buy their goods. We hope the improvements and cost savings DOORCO have made help us to keep our existing customer base and find new customers looking for a different approach. DOORCO faces similar pressures on the cost of its raw materials. The difference, in my view, is down to the management styles of the individuals and, of course, to key decisions taken regarding future investment and further improvements, for which healthy profits must be made. We have very positive plans for continuing along the path that has brought us to the position of strength that we find ourselves in today.

We will focus on the improvements to our doors over our competitors, whilst remaining competitively priced.

DOORCO Fixes Prices and Future Proofs Performance


In a bold move that is bucking the trend amongst the leading composite door manufacturers in the UK, DOORCO has announced that it is fixing prices whilst also offering significantly improved security performance, across the company’s entire range.

Offering substantially increased resistance to forced entry and violent attack as well as a more substantial feel, the modified, thicker skins that have been added as standard across all products anticipate the introduction of Approved Document Q of the Building Regulations and steal a march on most other door manufacturers that have yet to react. In addition the complete DOORCO range, including fire doors, has been tested and passes the ‘key thumb’ test, specifically PAS24 B.4.4.4. Thus, says DOORCO, the performance of its products is effectively future-proofed as they now meet all current and anticipated standards.

On DOORCO’s decision to maintain prices the company’s Dan Sullivan explains: “We are able to guarantee prices for the whole of 2015 because of the significant efficiencies that we have introduced into our processes over the past 18 months and through substantial growth in the volumes we are selling. So as sales to homeowners are continuing to improve we believe that our customers – and of course DOORCO in turn – will benefit through the ability to confidently plan and predict business and margins for their door sales at least until the end of this year.

“Commercial specifiers will be able to write specifications confidently knowing that their costings will not be affected, at least for composite doors, when they choose our products. We are affected by currency fluctuations just as any other importer of complete products or components, but we have the confidence to take this step because of good planning.”

DOORCO Places Emphasis on Exclusive Designs and Customisation


Setting out its store early in 2015 DOORCO is introducing several exciting new door styles to give the trade – and in turn homeowners – a wider choice than ever with an emphasis on customisation and exclusivity.

Care has been taken to ensure both traditional and modern tastes are catered for in the new products, which include four new designs which have been launched for traditional and contemporary tastes.

Of the traditional styles St Andrews and Gleneagles are unique to DOORCO, whilst the Sunningdale and Belfry Farmhouse styles are manufactured from brand new moulds. Crucially this means they are not routed from a flush door, a process that inevitably weakens the panel and the usual method by which such products are manufactured. Thus, aesthetics, operation and performance are authentic and especially pleasing when installed in a traditional setting.

To provide balance, at the opposite end of the styling spectrum are the new contemporary Monza, Seminole, Inox Lyon and Inox Barcelona designs. These set new parameters for modern, upmarket entrances, combining clean lines with a range of glazing options for installations in which personal expression and customisation are key.

All products are available in 44mm and 68mm versions to extend appeal to a wider range of homes at all price points. Individualisation of all doors is increased through DOORCO’s in-house paint line providing an almost limitless choice of colours with fast turnaround.

The new doors enjoy the reinforced skins that are standard across the whole DOORCO range. Offering substantially increased resistance to forced entry and violent attack as well as a more substantial feel, the thicker skins anticipate impending changes to the Building Regulations and steal a march on most other door manufacturers that have yet to react. The DOORCO door has been tested and passes the key thumb test, part of PAS 23/24.

“As competition in the market increases and homeowners become more discerning when replacing their entrance doors,” says DOORCO’s Dan Sullivan, “we understand that we need to provide our customers and in turn their customers, with greater choice and higher quality. “These are the first of a range of new designs that will be introduced throughout 2015 to ensure that our fabricator and installer customers always have something fresh to offer, to allow them to stand out from the crowd in a busy market.

“The investment we have made during the past two years has led us to this point, where we continually innovate to bring something fresh to the market, in volume slab supplies just as readily as prepped doors. The choices we are offering are designed to create excitement amongst homeowners choosing a GRP door for their properties.

“We have a lot more to offer throughout this year,” adds Dan. “We are door specialists – hence the name – and we promise continual door product innovation throughout 2015.