Paul Wilding Strengthens DOORCO’s Sales Team

Paul Wilding







Last year, Paul Wilding joined DOORCO, the UK’s leading composite door supplier, alongside Mike Roe to support the growth of the business and continue to meet customer expectations. Six months in to his role, Paul tells us what it’s like to work for the UK’s fastest growing, independently owned composite door manufacturer:

“Having worked in the fenestration industry for over 30 years, joining DOORCO has been a refreshing and exciting change.  This is mainly due to working directly for Dan & Jayne Sullivan, who not only own the business, but are hands-on leaders of a fantastic team.

As well as looking for new sales, my role is to service existing customer accounts and the people behind DOORCO make this very easy.  We are able to make decisions fast, without having to run everything by a board of directors, but most importantly, we are trusted to make those decisions and empowered to do our jobs. And this means when faced with a customer, or prospective customer, we discuss the best way to support that account, whether it’s with marketing support, a bespoke product portfolio or some of the best service in the industry.

“Having the right products makes my job easier and with DOORCO the products speak for themselves.  Customers are looking for a composite door with consistent quality and service to back it up – products in stock and delivery when they need it.  This is exactly what DOORCO offers.  We offer the largest range of door styles in the UK and we have unique slabs, such as Monza II and LINKS, in our portfolio.  The three levels of supply are also key because it means we can service any business, large or small, with single, prepped slabs to full containers direct from Korea.

“Looking forward, painted products on a fast turnaround is key – DOORCO supplies painted doors in just five days, with no restriction on colour.  Popularity is growing for more contemporary styling – there will always be the desire for a traditional door, but the unique design of Monza II and LINKS, offers something totally modern to our customers.  Launched as an aluminium alternative, LINKS has opened discussions with both existing customers who supply aluminium, as well as potential new customers. But more than this, people are attracted to the aesthetics of the non-woodgrain finish as something different to put in a PVC-U frame.  Some of the innovations we have planned for this year will boost its popularity even further.

“I really feel I have joined DOORCO at an exciting time.  The business is growing fast, but in a strategically managed way and it’s great to be part of this journey from the early days.  If you’d like to find out more about DOORCO, please call me direct on 07789 681651.”