The Team Behind The Brand

DOORCO’s General Manager, Matthew Le Masurier introduces us to some of the well-known faces in DOORCO’s senior management team and reveals how they are continuing to use their experience to drive the DOORCO brand forward.Matthew Le Masurier_0000041 web

The Team Behind The Brand

What is a brand? The direct definition is ‘a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name’ but, it is far more than that. A brand is the personality of a business; it represents core values and what a company stands for. Take John Lewis & Partners – the name and brand were launched with the strapline ‘when you’re part of it, you put your heart into it’ which represents the idea that appreciating your staff, and the various skills they offer, makes them feel valued – and when they feel valued, great things can happen.

This resonates with DOORCO. As a company, we talk a lot about our brand because it’s important to us. Customers tell us how important it is to them too. And for DOORCO our brand is certainly our people. Day in day out, it’s the DOORCO people who sell and deliver the brand ethos and promise: from warehousing, to deliveries, to production, to customer services. As a fast-growing business, it has been critical to us to work hard to attract, retain and develop talented people to drive the business forward.

Meet The Senior Management Team


Mark T
Mark Towers, Senior Production and Technical Manager
Phil Taylor, Head of Procurement
Mike Roe, National Sales Manager
Ben Aspinall, IT & Marketing Manager
Adan Sullivan, Warehouse Manager
Michel Wnuk, Transport Manager
Natalie Coomer, Finance Manager
Stacey Copeland, Customer Service Supervisor
Andrew Rowan, Quality Assurance Inspector









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